Learning Outcomes

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  1. Students can describe key elements of two or more of these domains (geography, environment, politics, economics, social and cultural systems and/or literature and arts) with broad regional and temporal scope.
  2. Students can read basic text in Spanish and respond orally or in writing to questions derived from that text.
  3. Students read texts from two or more disciplines and summarize, compare and synthesize the material in a coherent written essay.
  4. Students can write a coherent essay on two or more of the domains mentioned in Goal 1 and/or make an effective oral presentation of this material.
  5. Students can describe, contrast and summarize patterns of cultural diversity in at least two regions of Latin America.
  6. Students can describe, give examples and summarize current social and political issues in at least two regions of Latin America.
  7. Students can identify, describe and appraise cultural practices and products from Latin America.
  8. Students can identify, discuss and analyze the impacts of globalization on the economies and societies of Latin America.
  9. Students can write an essay or make an oral presentation that recognizes and compares differing world views and explains their social significance for the people of Latin America.
  10. Students can identify and describe the cultural products or performances of differing cultural groups in Latin America and explain the benefits of pluralism to world society and culture.