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We believe giving is a rewarding and highly personal experience—and we are committed to working as partners with you to assure your gift honors your passion and interests, while fostering excellence in our College. A gift may be large or small, unrestricted or specifically designated to support a scholarship, department, program or performance venue. No matter the size or scope of your tax–deductible donation, your gift offers the greatest gift of all—education.

There are many, many ways you can support our College. Here are some of our priorities, including a list of the departments we serve. If you have questions, please contact us.

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Scholarship support

As a student–centered college, we continually seek new scholarship and award opportunities to recognize and encourage student achievement. As the cost of attending college continues to increase, so does the importance of scholarship funding.

A donation of $10,000 or more creates a permanent endowment that can be named in honor of you, your family or other loved one. If you prefer, you may choose to fund your scholarship annually or you may create a flexible endowment that allows you to award scholarships while also building toward a permanent endowment. We also welcome contributions to existing scholarships.

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Dean’s Special Opportunity Endowment

Every year our talented students and faculty are honored by invitations to perform, debate or present at venues around the world. Without private support participation in these special opportunities often would not be possible. Help us say yes to student and faculty excellence by contributing to support these and other similarly unexpected opportunities. 

Endowed Chairs & Faculty Fellowships

Outstanding teachers inspire student excellence. We seek legacy gifts from special donors to create powerful incentives to attract and retain gifted faculty. The impact of such a gift is huge – it allows our students to learn from the best by providing resources for the college to compete in today’s global market for superior teaching talent.

Humanities Center

The Humanities Center continues to stimulate creative thinking and engage faculty, students and the community at large with thought-provoking lectures, film series and discussions from some of the most innovative minds on the planet. Support for such a program says you believe in the importance of intellectual debate. The Center refreshes faculty while preparing students to enter the workplace as enlightened and engaged citizens. The Humanities Center offers its thanks to New Urban Builders, who has provided generous support for the program.

North State Symphony

Donor contributions strengthen the foundation of support for our fabulous North State Symphony. There are many ways you can help support the presence of classical music in the North State, from annual donations to the personal sponsorship of a Musician Chair in our orchestra. Music Chair sponsors provide significant support to the symphony, while also celebrating the high-quality musicians who make the orchestra possible, and can be funded annually or through a private, named endowment.

The Turner

The Turner (Janet Turner Print Museum) is arguably both the North State’s most valuable art asset and its best-kept secret. With more than 3,000 fine art prints, from 40 countries and spanning six centuries, we are now seeking a permanent home for this world-class collection and we need your help.

Please join us as a volunteer or donor in our campaign to find a permanent home for The Turner.

College Department Gifts

Gifts can be specified for each department, or programs within our departments.

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