Students in the humanities and arts are creative, energetic, and inventive. Some of their activities include:

Chico Historian

A collection of student essays edited by history students.


A literary magazine edited and published by students. It was first published in 1977 and it is one of the oldest continuously published student-edited literary magazines in the nation.

Ethics Bowl

A local and national contest that tests reasoning skills on the important issues of the day. It is a prime opportunity to test critical thinking skills.

National Conference Paper Submissions

Students present papers at national conferences such as the American Academy of Religion, the Conference on College Composition and Communication, and the National Council of Teachers of English.

The Off Broadways

This is a musical theatre touring group which sings all over the north state, at hospitals, recruiting events, and high schools.

Chico State Bands and Jazz X-Press

Students perform throughout Northern California and Nevada.

Performance Opportunities

Theatre and music students have opportunities to perform in a wide range of ensembles and productions throughout the year on campus.

Art Exhibition Opportunities

Art students exhibit their work in local galleries and coffee shops. Many of them are also featured at the annual Juried Student Art Exhibition and the Juried Student Print Exhibition.

HFA Symposium

Grad students and students in the honors program read papers and report on research and creative projects at the annual HFA Symposium.

HFA Celebration of Student Achievement

This event honors students who have won scholarships and awards.


Clubs develop organizational skills, help you meet people, build resumes, and make a contribution to the life of Chico State. Some choices are:

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