History Department


Most general questions regarding the History Department’s General History Option can be answered on this Web site. However, any specific questions you might have about the program should be directed to one of the department’s General History Option advisors. If your last name begins with the letters A – N, your advisor is Professor Jeffery Livingston; if your last name begins with O – Z, your advisor is Professor James Matray.

Current students are required to visit their advisor at least once each semester. Your advisor will help you plan your schedule for the next semester and beyond, suggest complementary or alternative courses of study, alert you to changes in university requirements, monitor your progress through the program, and advise you about career options.

When visiting your advisor, always bring complete transcripts (official or unofficial) of your college and university coursework (plus evidence of any AP credit). You may download a copy of your transcripts through your portal account. Before coming in for your first visit, download the appropriate Program Advising Log, fill in your name, student ID number, and e-mail address, as well as your coursework to date, and e-mail the completed form to your advisor.

Summer Hours

There is no university support for advising during the summer. You may attempt to contact an advisor from the end of the spring semester in late May until the beginning of the fall semester in late August, but there is no guarantee that you’ll receive a response. You may also contact the History Department chair during the summer, but he is available only sporadically. He will attempt to respond to your inquiries and requests, but probably not immediately. Your patience is appreciated.