Gregory Pellam


Office: Trinity 202
Phone: (530) 898-6302


My primary research interests lie in the early histories of Rome and the Greek poleis (city-states).  I am always focused on understanding how societies develop their political structures.  What really fascinates me is the  the relationship in ancient thought and practice between the individual and the community, the relationship between the individual and the divine, and the relationship between the community as a whole and the divine.  I explore these topics in great detail in my coming articles "A Peculiar Episode from the 'Struggle of the Orders'? Livy and the Licinio-Sextian Rogations" (Forthcoming, Classical Quarterly 2014) and "Ceres, the Plebs, and Libertas in the Roman Republic" (Forthcoming, Historia 2014), as well as in my current book project The Belly and the Limbs: An Alternative to the 'Struggle of the Orders'.  My teaching interests are much broader.  I like to teach Greek and Roman history of all eras and at all levels.  In the Spring I am particularly excited to be teaching History 404 (The Rise of Rome), in which we will be exploring the rise of the Roman Republic not only in terms of Rome's conquest of the Mediterranean (though there will be plenty of that!), but also in terms of the city's constitutional, political, social, and religious development.  I also love to teach Latin and Greek and would look forward to getting the opportunity to teach either language at Chico State should the opportunity to arise.  I'm eager to talk to any student who is interested in ancient history, either as a serious field of academic study, or just a lingering curiosity--come talk to me, I'm probably in my office!