Transfer Course Equivalence

CSU, Chico uses the California articulation number (CAN) system to establish transfer course equivalencies with junior colleges. Look at the course description of a lower division course in the CSU, Chico catalog; if it ends with a CAN number (e.g. HIST 110’s description ends with CAN HIST 4) and a junior college also has that CAN number associated with it, then the two courses are equivalent, even if the actual course numbers differ. In addition, CSU Chico has negotiated articulation agreements relating to other lower division courses with many of the state’s junior colleges; some of your junior college coursework may be covered by one of these. However, it is not possible under any circumstances to substitute a lower division course for an upper division one.

If you want an advisor to determine whether any of the courses you took at another college or university should count toward your history program at CSU, Chico, you need to provide the advisor with – at a minimum – the official catalog description of each course you would like considered. A syllabus from each course in question would simplify and expedite this process.