Transfer, Current CSUC and Re-entry Students

Transfer Student
A transfer student is someone who has completed college coursework subsequent to high school graduation and has recently transferred or is transferring to CSU, Chico.
Re-entry Student
Re-entry students are those students who had been removed from the program and wish to gain re-entry.
Current CSUC Enrolled Students
Already enrolled students are those who have graduated from high school and have already begun coursework at CSU, Chico.

Honors in General Education

Transfer, re-entry and current CSUC students interested in Honors in GE should meet with an Honors advisor to discuss their Honors course requirements. In most cases, the number of units required will be reduced because of previously completed coursework.

All Honors in GE students, including transfer, re-entry and currently enrolled students, must complete the Honors upper-division theme in order to earn Honors in GE, but they are not required to complete Honors Survey of Civilization.

Transfer Student

  • You will need a 3.3 or higher cumulative GPA in your transferable coursework to apply to the Honors in GE Program.

Re-Entry Students and Currently Enrolled Students

  • You must have at least a 3.3 cumulative GPA at CSU, Chico to apply to the program.

You may apply online using the link below, or you may print a PDF application to fill out and submit by mail or email to

Honors in the Major

  • You must take six units of Honors in the Major course work.
    • All six units are Honors classes (###H) and at least three of these units are independent study (499H) as specified by your department; a minimum grade of a B must be achieved in each class.
  • You must have completed nine units of upper division course work or 21 overall units in your major before you can be admitted to Honors in the Major.
    • Check the requirements for your major carefully, as there may be specific courses that must be included in these units.
  • Your cumulative GPA should be at least 3.5 or within the top 5% of majors in your department.
  • Your GPA in your major should be at least 3.5 or within the top 5% of majors in your department.
  • Most students apply for, or are invited, to participate in Honors in the Major during the second semester of their junior year. They then complete the six units of course work over the two semesters of their senior year.
  • Your honors work culminates with a public presentation of your honors project.

While Honors in the Major is part of the University Honors Program, each department administers its own program.

Please visit the Honors in the Major program page for a full list of participating departments.