Honors House at Konkow Hall will be moving in Fall 2017 to Sutter Hall

Honors House offers you the opportunity to participate in our unique, residential learning community at Konkow where you will enjoy social activities, create bonds within the Program, and share a living environment that enhances your academic opportunities.

Konkow Halincludes four Honors houses within a cluster of Thematic Living houses located around a central courtyard. With only 14 residents in each house, Honors houses provide just the right balance of quiet study time and a lively social life. They are excellent environments for students who take their classes seriously. Each house has a student resident advisor to assist you with any troubles you might have.

Honors houses have comfortable, spacious double bedrooms. Unlike most residence halls, these houses feature large living and dining rooms, as well as large kitchens equipped with two stoves, three refrigerators, a huge freezer, a dishwasher, and plenty of shelf space for everybody. Students can prepare their own meals or eat in the central dining hall that serves all the residence halls.

Each house has a television, a VCR, and a direct link to campus internet. There is also an on-site computer lab.

Space is very limited, so you need to apply early if you are interested.

General Information about Honors House

All first-time freshmen students who apply and are accepted to Honors in General Education are eligible to live in an Honors House, including the International and Sustainability Houses, on a space available basis.

Sustainability House

Interested in sustainable living? Konkow Honors House 2 is now the "Sustainability House" and it just might be the perfect place for you! This sustainable living project, which is adopted by CSU, Chico's student-led chapter of the Alliance to Save Energy's Green Campus Program, is the only sustainability-themed residence to be offered at CSU, Chico. The house has the same layout and amenities as the the other Konkow Honors houses, but has been retrofitted to reduce its ecological footprint with energy and water-saving appliances, on-site composting, the use of green cleaning products, and other sustainability-minded features. The Sustainability House also hosts regular events designed to give you the knowledge and skills to integrate sustainability into your daily life. Living at the Sustainability House is a great opportunity for you if you have a passion for sustainable living or if you want to learn more about how you can do your part for the environment and everyone in between!

For more information about the house, please visit the Sustainability House website.

International House

Looking for a rewarding experience interacting with students from different countries? The International House in Konkow Hall offers students the opportunity to meet and live with international students from a variety of different countries and cultures. A live-in Resident Advisor provides social and educational programming for both domestic and international students specifically catered to enhancing an understanding of diversity, culture and traditions. Space is limited to 13 bed-spaces, occupied by both international and domestic students. This unique combination of residence hall atmosphere and apartment-style living promises to provide an enriching experience for students seeking to broaden their minds and meet others from around the world!

For more information about the house, please visit the International House website.

Requirements to Live in Honors House

Only students entering CSU Chico as first-time freshmen may apply to live in Honors House.

To apply for Honors House simply mark the appropriate box on the Honors Program application for freshmen. It is important that you submit your Honors Program application by the deadline April 14, 2015 if you wish to receive a placement in Honors House.

In addition to indicating your interest in Honors House on the Honors Program application, you must also go to the University Housing and Food Service website at or after 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, April 14, 2015 to complete the on-line housing application and submit payment to be eligible for Honors House.

Placement in the Honors House is determined by the Honors Program, not University Housing and Food Service. You can select Konkow as the first choice of your on-campus residence hall choices on the on-line Housing application, but you should also select a second and third preference as well. This permits you the maximum number of options should you not be placed in Honors House by the Honors Program.

If you miss the on-line housing process, you greatly decrease your chance of being considered for Honors House or other university housing options.

Any payment made to the University for housing is transferable should you be selected for Honors housing.


See the Honors Admissions page for Freshmen in order to apply for your desired Honors Program; you can indicate your interest in Honors House through the Freshman Application.