Integrated Teacher Education Core (ITEC)

Academic Plan


The Integrated Teacher Education Core (ITEC) at CSU, Chico is a pre-baccalaureate undergraduate program option that integrates the bachelor's degree in Liberal Studies and preparation to enter a credential program for individuals who already know they want to become teachers. 

This accelerated pathway may be completed in four years and includes:

  • B.A. in Liberal Studies
  • Minor in Special Education
  • Preparation to enter a credential program for a Preliminary Credential with options in Multiple Subject (elementary school), Education Specialist, or Multiple Subject with Bilingual Authorization

For detailed information, please visit the ITEC website.

ITEC and Honors in GE

Individuals who wish to do so may also earn Honors in GE by completing the ITEC program. To do so it is important that you also apply to the Honors Program, in addition to the ITEC program. If you are accepted to both programs, complete the ITEC curriculum, and graduate with a cumulative GPA of 3.3 or above, you will earn Honors in GE.

ITEC students also participating in Honors receive all the benefits of Honors students, including priority registration, eligibility for Honors House, and recognition at commencement and on your diploma.

Please see the Honors in GE program for details and to view the steps to apply. Applying for the Integrated Teacher Education Core is not done through the Honors Program. Visit the ITEC website for details.

Honors House

Honors House at Konkow Hall is a special apartment-style living option available to students participating in the Honors Program. There are four Honors houses at Konkow Hall, including a sustainability house and an international house, that provide unique living options for first-year students. Honors House is different than a standard residence hall as the houses are designed more like apartments, with a living room and kitchen, to support communal living among residents.

Note: Honors House is only available to ITEC students who are also enrolled in Honors in GE.

More information about Honors House and how to apply can be found on the Honors House page.