Previous Recipients of the Awards for Research and Creativity

The Undergraduate Awards for 2013-2014

Fall 2013

RecipientMajorProject TitleAward
Amie French Agricultural Business Consumer Preference for Locally Grown Pecans $500
Megan Miller Criminal Justice Rehabilitation and Reintegration Through Alternative Custody Supervision $500
Megan Bacchini Criminal Justice Rehabilitation and Reintegration Through Alternative Custody Supervision $500
Shane Price Psychology The Hormonal Effects of Emotionally-relevant Chemosignals in Human Axillary Secretions $500
Amber Rutter Geology Analyzing CO2 Changes in Ancient Fossils $500

Spring 2014

RecipientMajorProject TitleAward
Hugh Hammond Music Composition & Recording Arts Musical Torus Sculptures $500
Aithne Loeblich Biological Sciences An Education-based Approach to the Monitoring and Conservation of Bats in Northern California $500
Shane Price Psychology The Hormonal Effect of Emotionally-Relevant Chemosignals $500
Ravi Shankar Chemistry Mathematical Modeling of Tsunami Propagation over Complex Topographies $500

Summer 2014

RecipientMajorProject TitleAward
Gage Alvernaz Cell and Molecular Biology Role of Autophagy during Influenza Virus Infection of Macrophages $2000
Clara Bergamini Anthropology Artistic Expression, Amami Children and Their Non-Human Neighbors $2000
Kelly Gundert Spanish Finding a Voice in Chapala, Mexico $2000
Gregory Hinds Civil Engineering Integrated Wastewater Management in the Lake Atitlan Basin: An Ecological Engineering Challenge $666.67
Elizabeth Jachens Civil Engineering Integrated Wastewater Management in the Lake Atitlan Basin: An Ecological Engineering Challenge $666.66
Eoin Mackall Mathematics Determining the Minor-minimal not Completely Apex Graphs $2000
Kyle Rocha-Brownell Physics and Computer Science Computer Simulation of the Earth's Rotation with Interior Fluid Degrees of Freedom $2000
Juniper Rose Journalism The Effect of Marijuana on Rural Northern California Economies $2000
Ravi Shankar Chemistry Mathematical Modeling of Tsunami Propagation over Complex Topographies $2000
Nicole Smith Biochemistry Antibiotic Discovery From Boiling Springs Lake $2000
Quintin Troester Agriculture Researching Soil Carbon Sequestration, and International Partners in Sustainability $2000
Kelly Vannoy Civil Engineering Integrated Wastewater Management in the Lake Atitlan Basin: An Ecological Engineering Challenge $666.67

The Undergraduate Awards for 2012-2013

Fall 2012

RecipientMajorProject TitleAward
Tony Amato Criminal Justice/Sociology Images and Perceptions of Restorative Justice $500
Alan Braithwaite Computer Engineering FPGA OpenFlow Switch $500
Scott Kirkpatrick Computer Science Improving Models of Protein Interaction Network Evolution $500
Tony Silva Sociology Constructing Sexual Identities in a Shifting Context $500
Crystal Vasquez Nutrition & Food Science Effects of Parental Food Attitudes and Restrictions During Childhood on Young Adult College Students' Eating Behaviors $500

Spring 2013

RecipientMajorProject TitleAward
Samantha Bailey Psychology The Relationship between Self-esteem and Sexuality $55
Jamie Blankenship Art Studio Past and Present: Digital Techniques and Historic Photographic Processes $500
Tyron Chang Biological Sciences The Timing of Oak Gall Development and Its Significance to the Ecology of the California Gall Wasp $465
Cameron Estes-Clifford Psychology Testing the Hypothesis that Lactobacillus G.G. will Increase Vagal Tone in Humans $500
Andrew Reuther Anthropology Modoc War Documentary $240
Matthew Ritenour Anthropology Modoc War Documentary $240
Kelsea Rossow Anthropology Modoc War Documentary $500

Summer 2013

RecipientMajorProject TitleAward
Joanna Bloese Agriculture Investing Novel Collaborative Glass Blow in Techniques $2000
Madison Garshasebi Psychology The Spontaneous Suppression and Amplification of Emotional Facial Expressions in Different Attachment Styles $2000
Nathan Giordano Cellular & Molecular Biology Infecting Neurons Using Attenuated Lentiviruses $2000
Kris Magri Mechatronic Engineering Development of a Highly Articulated Humanoid Bipedal Robot: A Platform for Robotics Competition and Research $2000
Gregory Panero Art San Pedro, Guatemala: Help Paint My Future $2000
Dillon Rapp Art Attending Frogman's Print Workshop $2000
Mallory Russell Art Haystack Mountain School of Crafts With Sonja Clark $2000

Jonathan Alexander

Fine Art In Search of Cycles in Chiang Mai $2000
Crystal Vasquez Nutrition & Food Science Teaching Health at Every Size®  in a Fat Phobic World $2000
Abigail Whittaker Environmental Science Accounting for Agricultural Yield Gaps Through Analysis of Ecosystem Service Provision in a Human-Altered Landscape $2000

The Undergraduate Awards for 2011-2012

Fall 2011

RecipientMajorProject TitleAward
Serena Cervantes Journalism Collected Memories $500
Sheri Gitelson English Translucent Consciousness in Virginia Woolf's "To the Lighthouse" $500

Natasha Holland and
Alexa Janicki

Exercise Physiology Effects of Load Carriage on Gait Kinematics, Muscle Activity, and Postural Sway $500
Kristen Magri Mechatronic Engineering Development of an Autonomous HUmanoid Bipedal Robot to Perform Challenging Tasks in Complex Environments $500
Austin Walter Electrical Engineering Development of Three-Dimensional Printer $238
Nathan Zifko Psychology The Role of Testosterone in Behavioral Activation $406

Spring 2012

RecipientMajorProject TitleAward
Tyler Ash Journalism Chico Rephotography $456.15
Michael Fitzpatrick Philosophy and English The Critique of Pure Realism $500
Elizabeth Jachens Civil Engineering Find-Scale Atmospheric Gravity Waves $500
Heidi Rogers Environmental Science Moths in a Changing Climate $500

Shannon Primer and Amber Smith

Nursing Breastfeeding Support Groups and Resources for Women in our Community $468

Summer 2012

RecipientMajorProject TitleAward
Hannah Bearden Art Haystack Mountain School of Craft Summer Workshop with Mark Hartung $2000
John Challinger Computer Science Extending the ArduPilot Mega Firmware to Improve Precision Flight for Low-Cost Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV's) $2000
Michael Fitzpatrick Philosophy Rescuing the Scientific Worldview: Whitehead and the Place of Science in Human Life $2000
Elizabeth Jachens Civil Engineering Professional Presentation of Fine Scale Atmospheric Gravity Waves at the 26th International Laser Rader Conference in Porto Heli, Greece in June 2012 $2000

Michelle Johnson

Psychology Student Athletes Depression Scares in Relation to Self-Esteem, Perfectionism and Attachment in Global and Sport-Specific Contexts: Varsity vs. Club Athletes $2000
Andrew Rena-Dozier Psychology Central Nervous System Characterization in p75 Knockout Mice $2000
Sharla Stockton Geology Geology of Richardson Springs $2000
Dee Thao Communication Design A Fading Culture: the Hmong People $2000
Swan Toma Political Science Obama-Bush: A Competing Understanding of American Exceptionalism $2000
Eliseo Vega-Darson Music The Analysis and Application of Composing and Arranging for Orchestras $2000

The Undergraduate Awards for 2010-2011

Fall 2010

Kelly Boyle Geological & Enviornmental Sciences $380
Tiffany Fisher Anthropology $500
Shannon Holt Environmental Science $420
Sam Mish Mechatronic Engineering $256
Emily Ramsey Nutrition & Food Science $238
Abigail Roche Nutrition & Food Science $406
Rachel Wutke Nursing $300

Spring 2011

RecipientMajorProject TitleAward
Samuel Fries Applied Computer Graphics Measure Twice, Cut Once: Iterative Design and Development for Multiple Platforms $500
Andrew Munson Anthropology and Communication Design Recycling for a Living: Documenting Chico's Professional Can Collectors $500
Julie Najar Psychology Potential Role of p75 in Axonal Sprouting in Elderly Mice $500
Lingfei Ni Economics and Communication Design The Non-Walvastan Equilibrium Model for the People's Republic of China $450
Grant Stoker Psychology A survey of Alcohol and Drug Use Patterns in Undergraduate Students at California State University, Chico $468

Summer 2011

RecipientMajorProject TitleAward
David Armstrong Economics Empirical Analysis of Water Markets in the Western United States $2000
Jamison Barsotti Mathematics Minor Minimal Intrinsically Knotted Graphs with 21 Edges $2000
Meaghan Gates Art Assistantship at Guldagergaard $2000
Nathan Giordano Biological Sciences and Art Developing a Microwave Protocol for the Transfection of Neurons $2000
Michael Kirmiz Biological Sciences Gene Regulation in Pancreatic Cells $2000
Mackenzie Morris Psychology Moving From Peer Mentoring Model to a Civic Mentoring Model $2000
Julie Najar Psychology Detailed Photomicroscopy and Quantification of Axon Ultrastructure in Elderly Mice $2000
Noah Strong Biological Sciences Monitoring Western Pond Turtle Movements for Possible Correlation of Feeding Habit and Fecudity on the University Reserve $2000
Eliseo Vega-Darson Music The Practical Application of Augmented Theory in Jazz Compositions $2000
Nicholas Vierra Biological Sciences Creating Fluorescent Reporter for miR-375 $2000

The Undergraduate Awards for 2009-2010

Fall 2009

RecipientMajorProject TitleAward
Joel Breck Psychology The Effect of p75 on Axonal Development in Mouse Brain $200
Alena Chin-Curtis Biological Sciences Glutamic Acid Induced Excitotoxicity: Cyclosporine A is Neuroprotective $500
Nathan Giordano Biological Sciences & Art "Perspectives" $300
Daniel Molaschi Arts Bachelors of Fine Art Culminating Exhibition $500
Lola Ryland Arts Undulating Calla $261
Danielle Schneider Psychology Prenatal Alcohol Exposure in Relation to Astrocytic Development $489
Nathaniel Williams Psychology 6-N-Propylthiouracil, Disgust, and Emotional Judgments $250

Spring 2010

RecipientMajorProject TitleAward
Anastasia Aguilar Psychology White Man's Burden? Motivation to Suppress Prejudice is Correlated to Greater Skin
Adelaide Kreamer Psychology The Empirical Reality of Learning Styles $210.73
Scott Lancaster History The Lost Sons of Democracy: Examining the Abraham Lincoln Brigade and the 
Spanish Civil Wars as Forums for the Recovery of Historical Memory
Susan Schultz Nursing Information Literacy for Evidence-Based Nursing Practice Survey $295
Kaci Smith Psychology Don't Be Deceived! The Relationship Among Men's Salivary Testosterone, 
Self-Deception, and...Femininity?
Nur Diyana Zainal Arifin Nutrition & Food Science The Use of Photovoice in Assessing Perceived "Tasty" and "Healthy" Foods $429.30

Summer 2010

RecipientMajorProject TitleAward
Avery Beck Anthropology Mechoopda Trail of Tears: Nome Cult Documentary Project $2000
Joanna Bloese Agriculture Evaluating a Sustainable Tactic for Navel Orangeworm Management in California Almonds $2000
Alena Chin-Curtis Biological Sciences Potassium Chloride Induced Excitotoxicity in Mice: Cyclosporine, A is Neuroprotective $2000
Emily Grelle English Rasputin: A History in Translation $2000
Sydney Kerkhove Anthropology Mechoopda Trail of Tears: Nome Cult Documentary Project $2000
Kimberly Ornellas Anthropology Nome Cult Walk: Mechoopda Trail of Tears Documentary Project $2000
Jillian Ruddell Multicultural & Gender Studies Gender and Sexuality Equity Center $2000
Danielle Schneider Psychology Modeling Chronic Human Alcohol Use During Pregnancy and Nursing: The Effect on Brain Development in Mice $2000
Kaci Smith Psychology Don't Be Deceived! The Relationship Among Men's Salivary Testosterone, Deception, and... Femininity? $2000
Katherine Sumarowsk International Relations Evaluation of the Effectiveness of an Anti-Human Trafficking Initiative. Sponsored by the United States Department of State in the Country of Latvia in 2001 $2000

The Undergraduate Awards for 2008-2009

Fall 2008

RecipientMajorProject TitleAward
Mario Correa Communication The Window Seat $495
Brian Greely Psychology Interaction of Posture and Juror Decisions $75
Reid Griggs Psychology Investigating the Vall66Met allele of BDNF as a Possible Predisposing Factor from PTSD $495
Arielle Leitner Mathematics Universal Cycles of Restricting Classes of Words $495
Raquel Mattson Anthropology Immigrants and Healthcare $450
Kaci Smith Psychology The Relationship Between Testosterone, Self-Deception. and Attachment Styles $490

Spring 2009

RecipientMajorProject TitleAward
Samuel Allen Chemistry Preparation and Optimization of New Biodiesel Fuel from Feedstock Oils $450
Jessica Bibbo Psychology Effect of Canine Intervention on Caregivers' Anxiety During an In-home Assessment $130
Eric Markey Psychology Levels of negative stigma toward students with ADHD/ADD in the collegiate setting $250
Rachel Perry Psychology Adult well-being and early life experience. $170
Debora Rojas Biological Sciences Effects of Inbreeding on Defense against Plant Parasitism $450
Tyler Rollins Sociology The Core Philosophies of Punk Rock $400
Cameron Scott Latin American Studies Environmental Impacts of Social Revolutions in Latin America $160
Timothy Shelton Chemistry Preparation and Optimization of New Biodiesel Fuels from Feedstock Oils $450
Wa Mee Vue Nutrition and Food Science Perspectives on Food Habits, Acculturation, and Health among Hmong Women
with Small Children

Summer 2009

RecipientMajorProject TitleAward
Craig Anderson Psychology Assessing Trekking Poles through Electromyography, Heart Rate, and Respiration $2000
Garret Boone Microbiology Genetic Analysis of the Metabolic Pathway Found in Pseudomonas putida for the Utilization of Redwood Phosphorus in the Environment $2000
Sheila Dougherty Psychology Does Oligodendrocyte Apoptosis Contribute to Dysfunction in Chronic Alcohol Use $2000
Reid Griggs Psychology Investigating Significant Genes as Possible Predisposing Factors for PTSD $2000
Garrison Harward Musical Theatre Gay Marriage: A Forum Theatre Play $2000
Guy Hopes Civil Engineering Service Learning of Caribbean Communities: Water Reclamation in Antigua $2000
Roy Hull Geological and Environmental
Timing and conditions of emplacement of the Tuscan Formation $2000
Shaundel Sanchez Anthropology Justifying Equality: Islam in Chico, California $2000
Kaci Smith Psychology The Relationship Between Testosterone, Self-Deception, and Attachment Styles $2000
Natalie Sturdivant Mathematics Effects of CSU Chico LSAMP Summer Calculus Boot Camp on Student's
Knowledge and Attitudes toward Collaboration

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