Application Process

The University Housing Application for the Spring 2016 semester will open at 10 am on Thursday, 11/5.

Important Notice: There are several important pre-application tasks that you must complete before you can submit your University Housing Application.

New Students:

  1. Activate your University Portal Account and get your user login and password established. Please be advised that you cannot submit a University Housing Application until you have established your University Portal Account. It takes up to 48 hours after you are admitted to the University. Once you establish your account, you will be prepared to submit the University Housing and Food Service Application.
  2. Make your "Initial Housing Payment" on or after October 20, 2015 and do so before starting our application. The payment amount is $1,000 ($300 if you received an application fee waiver or if your FAFSA Confirmation showed an Expected Family Contribution of less than $5,200). When you make your payment, print (or write down) and save your payment confirmation number, date, and amount paid, so that you can provide it when completing your University Housing and Food Service License Agreement.
  3. Review University Housing and Food Service License Agreement and Living-in in preparing for your application.
  4. Start University Housing Application.



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