Residence Hall Association

RHA Group 2017-2018

The Residence Hall Association (RHA) serves residents by creating a living and learning experience within University-owned residence halls. RHA serves as a representative body and voice between residents and the Associated Students, University Administration, student organizations, residence hall staff, and the Chico community.


• promotes student intellectual, educational, cultural, physical, and social welfare;

• designs and facilitates programs and informational services for all residents;

• provides opportunities for residents to achieve fuller participation in our campus community through leadership growth and development.

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RHA is the umbrella organization that supports individual Hall Councils and is involved in promoting professional development and  leadership growth of all members.  RHA is responsible for the development of Fall Spirit Week and other recognition events to help promote unity and spirit among its members.

RHA Executive Board

RHA President President 

Aimee Allenegui

Hello, my name is Aimee Allenegui and I am a second year, first generation student currently studying anthropology and hold the position of the President. I’m from McKinleyville, California; a small town in the rural area of the north pacific coastline, but I like to call it Endor. I enjoy going on adventures, creating art, and meeting new people and hearing their stories. I’ve always found learning new things to be enticing, but also love minimal movement days that include binging Miyazaki films. I first got involved with RHA as a liaison for Sutter Hall Community Council (COCO) during my first year at Chico and believe that leadership is something anyone can learn and be a part of, that we can all grow as leaders in the communities we are in and apply those experiences to any scenario. Don’t be shy to say ‘hi’ if you spot me out and about!

RHA Vice President VP/National Communications Coordinator

Charlotte Sanfilippo

Hi everyone! My name is Charlotte Sanfilippo & I will be serving as your VP/National Communications Coordinator for the upcoming school year. I am a second year student here at Chico State, originally from Vacaville, CA. I love animals & going to concerts. Hope everyone has a great year, go wildcats!

Rojelio DavilaDirector of Marketing

Rogelio Davila

Hello everyone, my name is Rogelio Davila I am a freshman here at Chico State majoring in Communications, focusing in graphic design and minoring in Project Management. I’m beyond excited to serve you all as the Director of Marketing for RHA and see everyone be a part of our Chico State Residence community. I can’t wait to meet everyone through all of our events throughout our school year. We’re all in this together, go Wildcats!

Kayla MorrisDirector of Administration

Kayla Morris

Hi everyone, my name is Kayla Morris. I am a first year, first generation student here at Chico State. I am double majoring in English and Spanish. I am studying to become a teacher, and  I have always had a passion for working with kids and people in general. I really like spending time with my friends, and meeting new people. I am super excited to meet everyone, go wildcats!

Liam ThomsonDirector of Services & Initiatives

Liam Thomson

Hello, My name is Liam Thomson and I am serving as your Director of Service and Initiatives. This is my first year at Chico State, from Modesto ,CA. I like to go outside, lay down by the river and enjoy nature. I am also very into gaming and computers. Let's make this year great! 


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RHA Constitution (pdf)

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