About Dining Services

Sutter Residential Dining Center
Our commitment, Dining Hours, Food Stations, Sutter Cafe,  and Sutter Hall.

Main Stage
Serving breakfast, brunch, highlighted dish for the day. Check out the menu and open hours.

Hot Spot
Grill area with homemade burgers and tacos, french fry bar, and weekly specials. Check out the menu and open hours.

Homemade pizzas for lunch and dinner, menu and hours.

Fresh and Guilt
Salads, deli bar, homemade pastries, desserts. Menu and open hours.

Sutter Cafe
Late night hours, menu and hours.

Retail Dining Locations
Hungry? Track down the locations of additional snacks and drinks on campus.

Our Team
Who we are and how to contact us

Sutter Dining Reservation Guidline

Nutrition Information 

Fill out this form and email to housing@csuchico.edu to reserve a table at Sutter Dining

Dining Services


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