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2016-2017 Housing Brochures

Getting ready for college experience? Here's a quick guide to your housing options

2016–2017 Living In Handbook (pdf)
Comprehensive guide to the dos and don'ts of university housing

Welcome Home (pdf)
Advice for preparing to live in your new housing community

Resident Center
Need to check your application status or cancel your request? The Resident Center is a web-based portal system that allows you to access to a host of online services.

Can't figure out which bed linens to buy? Look no further because the Residence Halls Association is here to help. Order your room essentials through the Residence Halls Linens Program. Items you can purchase include extra-long sheets, bedding products, towels and many more college room basics.

Proceeds from each order go to the Residence Halls Association, which helps fund student leadership training. 

2016–2017 Housing Rates
This is why you had that summer job

2016–2017 Meal Plans
Hungry? How hungry? See the options for eating on campus

2016–2017 License Agreement (pdf)

Terms and conditions of living in University Housing

Roommate Agreement for UV/Konkow (pdf) and Residence Halls (pdf)
Highly recommended for starting this new relationship off right. For more advice on getting along with your roommate, check out the Bad Roommate Video Series.


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