Housing Options

We know you are excited about California State University, Chico, and so are we! We think you'll also be excited about the advantages of living in university-owned housing. We house a variety of students in our community, including first-time freshman, new transfer students, returning residents, as well as national and international exchange students.

By choosing to live with University Housing and Food Service, you will have a great opportunity to make a transition into the university that can enhance your college experience and help you graduate sooner. Our Residence Halls and University Village Apartments are comfortable, affordable, and convenient—the ideal place to live for first-time Chico State students.

When you arrive on campus, you'll have a lot of enjoyable things to do and think about: learning new subjects, meeting new people, making new friends—not to mention all the social, educational, and recreational activities taking place on and around campus. With all of this excitement going on, wouldn't it be comforting to know that necessities, like housing and dining, were already taken care of for you? Well, with University Housing and Food Service, they are!