GE Pathways

Located in Mechoopda, part of North Campus, which has a rich history of themed communities and living/learning halls.  Chico State is the first of the CSU’s to implement a General Education program of this magnitude. 

In 2008, CSU, Chico began a careful, deliberative process to revise its General Education Program and bring it up–to–date and in alignment with our campus values and mission (more on the revision process is available online). The new Pathways General Education Program goes live in Fall 2012 and strives to fill several needs for students:

  • The need to obtain a strong intellectual foundation for university–level study and beyond;
  • The need to explore a wide variety of fields of study and varying intellectual perspectives;
  • The need for a coherent intellectual framework for connecting diverse ideas; and
  • The need for a broad, liberal education to prepare students for lifelong learning in the 21st century.

University Housing’s intent with this purposeful living/learning community is to help first year students explore the Pathways content while considering a minor and prepare for future advising and career exploration.