Honors, International, and Sustainability Houses

Honors House

Life in Honors House is a wonderful opportunity to balance scholarship and an active social life. Honors houses occupy four of Konkow's six units. Each unit houses 13 residents plus a student Resident Advisor (RA) who is usually a former honors house resident. This unique environment is an excellent combination of residence hall life and apartment life. Honors Houses provide residents with a quiet academic environment balanced with numerous social activities. In cooperation with honors faculty and honors RAs, residents create a living environment that enhances their academic life. Space is limited, and your honors in general education program application must be completed before you can be considered for the Honors Houses. Please contact the honors office at 530-898-5749 or by email at hnrs@csuchico.edu.

International House

two srudentsLooking for a rewarding experience interacting with students from different countries? The International House in Konkow Hall offers students the opportunity to meet and live with international students from a variety of different countries and cultures. A live-in Resident Advisor provides social and educational programming for both domestic and international students specifically catered to enhancing an understanding of diversity, culture, and traditions. Space is limited to 13 bed-spaces, occupied by both international and domestic students. This unique combination of residence hall atmosphere and apartment-style living promises to provide an enriching experience for students seeking to broaden their minds and meet others from around the world!

Sustainability House

This sustainable living project, adopted by CSU, Chico's student-led chapter of the Alliance to Save Energy's Green Campus Program, is the only sustainability-themed housing unit to be offered at CSU, Chico. For more information about the house, please visit the Sustainability House website and the Honors House website.