Living Learning and Theme Communities

Living Learning and Theme Community Options

University Housing Living-Learning and Theme communities bridge academics and campus living as integral parts of the Chico Experience. We ensure your connection to the campus community is deep and immediate by providing you with a sense of belonging from the moment you step on campus through an exceptional and intentional living atmosphere.

There are 9 Living Learning and Theme Communities to choose from:

Honors (by invitation only)
Lavender Living (LGBTQ+)
Wild About Business
Emerging Leaders
Math and Science
Path Scholars (Foster Youth)
Transfer (First Year Transfer Students)
College of Agriculture
Global Experience

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Honors is a Living-Learning community that offers students the opportunity to successfully balance the requirements of academia and a healthy social life. Honors occupies two floors of Sutter Hall served by engaged Resident Advisors. In cooperation with honors faculty, residents are assured a quiet academic environment balanced with numerous social activities – such as movie nights and community dinners – all in the aim of achieving a holistic academic experience at California State University, Chico. Space is limited and the Honors in General Education Program application must be completed before being considered for the Honors Community. (Location:  Sutter)

Please contact the honors office at 530-898-5749 or by email at

Lavender Living

Lavender Living is designed as an intentional living community affirming the cultural experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer, non-identifying, and questioning residents as well as their allies. The community is an additional option for students who desire gender-inclusive housing, as this living area allows roommate pairings regardless of sex or gender identity. Residents who live in this community can expect to be paired with roommates regardless of gender identity. This theme housing community is a perfect place to fully develop and discover identities and get connected with campus LGBTQ+ resources. (Location: Konkow)

Wild About Business

The Wild About Business themed community is a unique opportunity for first-year Business Administration majors to live together and take classes with one another. The goal of the program is to connect students within the Business major with each other as well as with staff and faculty in the College of Business to better foster a sense of belonging at California State University, Chico. Residents will have access to the knowledge and skills needed for successful performance in business environments and will enhance their learning through participation in department programs and activities. (Location: Shasta Hall)


The Wildcat Emerging Leaders theme community is open to first-year students in all majors who are interested in developing their personal leadership potential and abilities through interactive learning and practical skill building.  Residents will be connected to upper class peer mentors, provided hands-on activities, speakers and meetings to enhance achievement and build confidence. This community is designed to challenge and support students at a range of experience levels – from those who already have a great deal of experience to those who have little to none.  Residents can expect to connect with campus and community leaders as well as to participate in the annual LeadCat program.  (Location:  Whitney Hall)

Math and Science

The Math and Science House is intended as part of a learning community for mathematics and science majors. On the academic side, residents in this house are provided with in-house tutoring and academic advising. In addition, residents support each other, often having common courses. This combination of living with like-minded students, receiving academic support, and taking courses as a cohort helps students be successful in what can be a very challenging first year. Of course, communities grow around more than a shared academic interest – residents in the house share meals, come together for activities, and form lasting friendships. (Location:  Konkow)

Path Scholars

The mission of the PATH Scholars House is to create a community of care and resource for individuals that are affiliated with the PATH Scholar Program (Promoting Achievement Through Hope) at California State University, Chico. The PATH Scholars House community offers a space where students with varied and diverse backgrounds come together in order to foster social and academic interactions among each other.  The PATH Scholars House provides an extended stay option allowing residents to remain in Chico during the traditional breaks (Fall, Winter, and Spring).  (Location:  Konkow)

Transfer Communities

The Transfer theme community is a residential experience designed to support students who are transferring from either two or four year institutions to California State University, Chico. Academic success and social integration for transfer students is encouraged through connections to campus programs and resources as well as to student organizations and clubs. The goal of this living community is to create a place where new transfer students can share their experiences, network with other students in similar situations, and connect with the campus and surrounding community. (Location: Lassen Hall and University Village)

Ag Building

The Agriculture Building (Ag Building) is a Living-Learning community catering to freshmen and transfer students who are declared Agriculture majors. The College of Agriculture’s mission is to provide a supportive environment that will help Agriculture majors develop leadership abilities that foster academic success by building strong relationships between the department and residents. Program goals include monthly leadership opportunities, peer mentorship, enrollment in a one unit U-course, as well as a variety of service learning and hands-on projects. (Location: University Village)

Global Experience

Looking for a rewarding experience interacting with students from different countries? The International House in Konkow Hall offers students the opportunity to meet and live with international students from a variety of different countries and cultures. A live-in Resident Advisor provides social and educational programming for both domestic and international students specifically catered to enhancing an understanding of diversity, culture, and traditions. Space is limited to 13 bed-spaces, occupied by both international and domestic students. This unique combination of residence hall atmosphere and apartment-style living promises to provide an enriching experience for students seeking to broaden their minds and meet others from around the world!

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