Residential Life

The University Housing and Food Service staff is comprised of experienced individuals with abilities and interests in promoting an educational environment within student housing. The Residence Community Coordinators (RCC) and Assistant Residence Community Coordinators (ARCC) are professionals who live in your community and are responsible for the programs and the quality of life.

They are aided by a staff of para-professionals who are full–time students. Resident Advisors (RAs) are live–in University Housing staff members who make themselves available to residents for information, assistance, understanding, friendship, and enforcement of university policies. Your RAs have undergone an intensive training program designed to maximize their knowledge of University Housing philosophy and programs as well as other campus resources.

Training is also aimed at helping your RAs to better understand how people interact. With this skill and knowledge, your RAs will be able to help you with academic needs or to listen and care when you need someone to talk with. Now that you know what RAs do, please get to know them, starting with your own community staff.