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Prime Time Productions (PTP) is the major programming organization for University Housing. PTP is comprised of emerging leaders and upper-class students that are chosen through an application/interview process in the spring. This six-member student board handles everything from publicity to sound and lights to the booking of professional entertainers. Since 2007, PTP has been recognized both regionally and nationally for their innovative programs and outstanding board members.


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Mission Statement

Prime Time Productions strives to strengthen and embody the overall mission of University Housing and Food Service community by developing programs that entertain and enrich the educational and social lives of residence hall students. Members are committed to providing a variety of intentional activities in a welcoming environment that upholds the overall department’s commitment to diversity and social justice. Members are given the opportunity to achieve personal growth, develop leadership skills, and build new relationships throughout the academic year.


The purpose of PTP is to provide late night, weekend entertainment to all students living in University Housing. PTP brings to the halls pre-home released films, comedians, bands, hypnotists, mentalists, magicians, speakers, and a whole lot more! PTP also works together to plan and execute major event weeks and weekends on campus, such as Wildcat Welcome Week, Family Weekend, Residence Hall Spirit Week, and Welcome Back Week. PTP is supported by each resident who lives in the residence halls and University Village, so all events are free to residence hall students. PTP is an active member in the National Association for Campus Activities, thus connecting residents to agents, performers, and other participating schools across the nation. Residents can seek employment in PTP when applications are given out during the spring semester.

PTP Learning Outcomes

Student leaders who participate in Prime Time Productions executive board will learn to:

  • Demonstrate, articulate, and reflect on their responsibility in accomplishing the organization’s mission, purpose, and goals
  • Demonstrate, articulate, and reflect on their ability to use their talents to make contributions to the organization
  • Demonstrate, articulate, and reflect on their ability to learn and utilize their leadership skills to manage a program from start to finish
  • Demonstrate, articulate, and reflect on their enhanced critical thinking skills that have been better developed since joining the student organization
  • Demonstrate, articulate, and reflect on their organization/planning skills that have been better developed since joining the student organization
  • Demonstrate, articulate, and reflect on at least four other personal skill sets that have been established by the student leader at the beginning of the year that have been better developed since joining the student organization
  • Demonstrate, articulate, and reflect their positional leadership duties and responsibilities to the student organization they serve and its impact on the residential life community
  • Demonstrate, articulate, and reflect on their unique positional leadership areas and the impact that it has on their academic, career, and life-long learning development

PTP Program Coordinators

Sean Kays - Director

sean kays

Amanda Wood - Films and Major Events Coordinator

Amanda Wood

Hannah Vine - Graphic Arts Coordinator

Hannah Vine

Alix Bravo - Graphic Design

Alix Bravo

Emely Srimoukda - Assistant Programming Coordinator

Emely Srimoukda


Briana Van Koll

Olivia Gulsvig

Gemma Navarro

Andrew Ponce

Sarahbeth Glenn

PTP Advisor

Denise Crosswhite - Coordinator for Residential Life Programming

Denise Crosswhite

Follow me for fun

My name is Denise Crosswhite and I am thrilled to serve as  the Coordinator for Residential Life Programming.  in this position I have the opportunity to develop programs to EXCITE, ENTERTAIN and ENGAGE you.  From leadership to sports to service and everything in between I can guarantee you that there are more opportunities to have fun and become involved than you have ever imagined.

I am a proud Chico State Grad and have seven years of experience working on campus - I love this campus and the community.  It's time for you to start making Chico your home - get up and get out - do something - you will be so glad you did. 


Phone 530–898–6325

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