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residence advisors getting togetherThe University Housing and Food Service staff are experienced individuals with abilities and interests in promoting an educational environment for our students. The Residence Community Coordinators (RCC) and Assistant Resident Community Coordinators (ARCC) are professional career staff who live in your community and are responsible for the quality of life in each residential complex.

They are aided by a staff of para-professionals who are full-time students. Resident Advisors (RAs) are live-in University Housing staff members who make themselves available to residents for information, assistance, understanding, friendship, and enforcement of University policies. Your RAs have undergone intensive training to maximize their knowledge of University Housing philosophy and programs as well as other campus resources.

Training also helps your RAs better understand how people interact. With this skill and knowledge, your RAs will be able to help you with academic needs or to listen and care when you need someone to talk with. Please get to know them, starting with your own community staff.

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Connie HuyckConnie Huyck
Associate Director for Residence Life
Phone: 530-898-6325

Denise CrosswhiteDenise Crosswhite
Coordinator for Residential Life Programming
Phone: 530-898-6325

Follow me for fun!

My name is Denise Crosswhite, and I am thrilled to serve as the Coordinator for Residential Life Programming. In this position I have the opportunity to develop programs to excite, entertain, and engage you. From leadership to sports to service and everything in between, I can guarantee you that there are more opportunities to have fun and become involved than you have ever imagined.

I am a proud Chico State grad and have many years of experience working on campus. I love this campus and the community. It's time for you to start making Chico your home, so get up and get out and do something. You will be so glad you did.

Shasta and Lassen Halls

Mark BriceMark Brice
Shasta and Lassen Hall Residence Community Coordinator
Phone: 530-898-5174

I am pumped for a new year of great experiences. I come here by way of Delaware, where I studied Counseling in Higher Education with an emphasis in Student Affairs Practice. I completed my bachelor's degree at Wheaton College just west of Chicago. I went to high school outside of Philadelphia, but also attended 11 other schools on three continents and even a little bit in Orange County, Calif.

I have worked and interned in a variety of jobs, so if you need advice about finding a job or choosing a major, please ask. Don't hesitate to drop by my office on the first floor of Shasta to say hello and talk about how to make the most of your time as a student here at Chico State, or just stop by to have someone listen to you. I am here for you.


Sutter Hall

Robert MortonRobert Morton
Sutter Hall Residence Community Coordinator
Phone: 530-898-3184

It's the right time to be at Chico State! My name is Robert Morton; I have the honor and pleasure to serve as the Residential Community Coordinator for Sutter Hall. A Cincinnati native, I attended undergrad at the historic Central State University, in Wilberforce, Ohio. At Central State, I was a student campus leader who focused on social issues and politics. In addition, I was a Resident Advisor for two buildings for a total of three years. After graduating from Central State, I moved to the progressive southern metropolis of Atlanta, Georgia, to attend Emory University. Atlanta was the first city to entice me to love the outdoors experience. In the process of sightseeing, enjoying the many lakes and municipal parks, I obtained a Master of Divinity degree, with a concentration on ethics and the formation of community. After an initial stop in Bakersfield, Calif.; I relocated to Chico with a renewed interest in student affairs. I am ecstatic about the many opportunities to enjoy nature and the students at Chico State, and I look forward to an awesome year!

Karen BrennerKaren Brenner
Sutter Hall Assistant Residence Community Coordinator
Phone: 530-898-3182

Hello! My name is Karen and I am the ARCC for Sutter Hall. I was raised in LA County, but grew up while a student at Chico State. I graduated a few years ago, and looking back, the highlight of my college experience was the time I spent living in the residence halls. After I graduated from Chico State I moved to the great state of Indiana, where I completed my Masters in Student Affairs and Higher Education at Indiana State University. Having missed Chico for those two years, I knew it was time to come back. I hope you enjoy Chico as much as I do. Welcome to your new home; it's a wonderful place!

Whitney Hall

Jeffrey HarringtonJeffrey Harrington

Assistant Residence Community Coordinator
Phone: 530-898-6108

Hello! My name is Jeffrey B. Harrington, and I am the Assistant Residence Community Coordinator (ARCC) for Whitney Hall. I am one of two full-time professional live-in staff members in Whitney. Contrary to popular belief, I am not a student anymore. But, in an earlier life, I was known as the "Awkward Freshman."

Before my term at CSU, Chico as an ARCC I was a teacher at a local junior high where I taught business education. I am also a proud alumnus of Chico State. I majored in Business Administration, Finance, and then received my Business Education Teaching Credential, graduating Magna Cum Laude. As a former resident and Hall Council Vice President of Mechoopda Hall here at CSU, Chico, I began to explore my passion for leadership and programming right here in the residence halls. My passion for learning and education led me to teaching in the classroom, facilitating and leading team-building and teamwork seminars, and now I currently I co-lead a building of over 500 first-time freshmen.

My passions and hobbies consist of student development, outdoor education, experiential learning, challenge courses, low ropes course facilitation, playing musical instruments, and running around outside. I am excited for life, and I can't wait to meet you! Please stop by my office and say hi or catch me playing pop songs on the piano in the Whitney Hall Loft! Cheers.

North Campus Halls

Marygrace SwartsMarygrace Swarts
North Campus Residence Community Coordinator
Phone: 530-898-5827

Hello Chico State! My name is Marygrace Swarts, and though I am a new arrival to Chico, consider me a fan. My journey to Chico State started when I was an undergrad student at Fresno State. As a Resident Advisor there, I grew to love working with students and student leaders, and the sometimes chaotic world of working in Residence Life. After earning a Bachelor of Arts in Communicative Disorders, I went to San Francisco State to earn my Master of Arts in Education. I took classes in equity and social justice in education, and college student counseling. While in grad school, I worked as a professional staff member in Residence Life at SF State (shout out to the Marys!) and continued after I finished my degree. I joined the Chico State family in July 2014, and am excited for the new experiences and awesome people here!


My office is in Esken Hall, and I love meeting new people, sharing interests, and hearing stories. I play the ukulele, love books and graphic novels, watch lots of geeky television, and play PC games (probably more than I ought to). Feel free to stop by for a chat, I would love to meet you

Christopher YoungChristopher Young
Assistant Residence Community Coordinator
Phone 530-898-5483

My name is Christopher Young, and if you like good food then we already have something in common. I was born and raised in Southern California in the humble little town of Corona. During my childhood I developed a love for books, board games, video games, the arts (in all of its various forms), and baking cupcakes. I received my BA in Visual Culture and my MBA in GIS technology from the University of Redlands (I loved it that much!). My first adventure in the world of Residence Life was as an undergraduate Community Assistant.

The experience was magical, so much so that I decided to pursue it further and found my way to Chico State. There's nothing better than being part of a community, and I look forward to building the most amazing community experience with you. Welcome to Chico and be sure to swing by my office in Esken Hall and say "Hello."

University Village

Caylan CliffordCaylan Clifford
Residence Community Coordinator
Phone: 530-898-4474

Welcome to Chico State! My name is Caylan Clifford, and I am the Resident Community Coordinator for University Village. I grew up in Red Bluff and after high school took the long 40-minute drive to attend Chico State. I was in the Integrated Teaching Core Honors program and graduated with my BA in Liberal Studies and my Multiple Subject Teaching Credential. From there I moved to Denver, Colo., where, in addition to graduating with my MA in Counseling, I spent five years enjoying the many outdoor adventures Colorado has to offer.

I took time off to travel around Africa, and when I returned to the States I decided to pursue my passion for working with college students and to make the move back to the beautiful State of California. I am thrilled to be back in Chico and am looking forward to a great year!

Sarah Balana MolterSarah Balana Molter
Assistant Residence Community Coordinator
Phone: 530-898-6504

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