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How can I obtain information regarding University Housing?

When new students are admitted to the University, the Office of Admissions will send University Housing information with their official acceptance letter. You can check out all the information on our website, or you can write us at or call us at 800-730-4243!

How can I be considered for University Housing?

To apply for University Housing, all students are strongly encouraged to preview the 2016-2017 University Housing License Agreement (pdf). Visit the Apply for University Housing page for information on the application process. You can begin applying for housing at 6 pm on Tuesday, 4/12. Housing spaces are filled on a date priority basis. Beginning June 1st, we will be notifying applicants of their assignment or waitlist status.

What is the cost of living in University Housing?

View room and board rates for the 2016-2017 academic year. Each student who submits a 2016-2017 University Housing License Agreement will also be required to make the initial payment. The initial payment will be $1,000 and applied to the TOTAL academic year room and meal plan costs. Financial Aid applicants are also required to submit the initial payment. If you are a Financial Aid recipient and you received an application fee waiver or if your FAFSA Confirmation showed an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) of less than $5,200, your initial payment will be $300. This payment must be paid before applying to reside with University Housing.

What if I know someone I want to live with?

Students have the opportunity to request roommates and community assignments when completing the 2016-2017 University Housing application. Every attempt will be made to match students who wish to room together, provided that they have been assigned to the same living environment (which means they both need to apply at about the same time). Additionally, each student (resident) must have requested the other as his or her roommate, and each student must have indicated the same order preference for halls. You must also submit his or her full name and Wildcat email address. Please be advised that roommate matches and community assignment requests are not guaranteed.

Many first-year residents want to room with their best friend from high school. Experience has shown that best friends don't always make the best roommates. You might want to consider living in the same hall, even on the same floor, but not necessarily as roommates.

When do I choose which residential community I want to live in?

Picking which residential community is a pretty individualized choice. We have provided several videos here on our website to help you make a choice. Whether you want the thriving hub of activity in Whitney or the closer residential experience of our 112-resident Esken or the more independent living style of University Village, we have an option for you at University Housing.

What is furnished in a University Housing room?

Each student will have an extra-long twin bed (36" x 80"), desk with chair, trash can, storage drawers, and closet space. University Village and Konkow have a table and chairs in the dining area as well as a refrigerator, stove, and microwave in the kitchen. No cooking or food serving items are included.

When can I move in?

For fall semester, move in will occur during the week prior to classes, beginning on Monday, August 22 2016. Move-in dates are scheduled for August 16-19, 2016. Each student will be notified in the summer which day they have been assigned to move in.

Where do I check in?

You will check in at the specific building/community to which you were assigned.

Will I have telephone service in my room?

You will not have telephone service automatically. You may contract with Communications Accounts Services (CASV) for on-campus phone service, local and long distance services for nominal fees. Information will be included in your “Welcome Home” envelope sent the first week of August. For CASV information, please contact Communication Services.

Do I have cable TV?

We provide cable services through XFINITY On Campus by Comcast at no additional costs.  The XFNITY service allows content to stream through devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones.  In addition, each room is equipped with a cable outlet for those who prefer to watch content using a television.  Premium subscriptions to HBO or Showtime can be purchased separately. 

Get help if you are experiencing trouble with the XFINITY On Campus service.

View the channel lineup.

Should I bring my car to school?

Since parking is limited in Chico, students are encouraged to bring bicycles to campus and leave their cars at home. Only 150 parking permits are available for the 1,450 resident hall students, and they are distributed on a lottery basis for the academic year. Please see the parking website for current information and rates. If you must bring your car to campus, you may want to consider living in University Village. There is limited free on-site parking for University Village residents available through the lottery process. Please note that University Village parking permits are not valid in the on-campus parking lots, and UV residents may not purchase G parking permits.

Who supervises the residence halls and the University Village apartments?

A Residence Community Coordinator (RCC) and Assistant Residence Community Coordinator (ARCC) supervise each living environment. RCCs and ARCCs are full-time housing professional staff who are responsible not only for the overall operation of their community but also live within that community as well. These staff are advisors and a resource to all students. There are also student peer para-professionals (Resident Advisors) who organize activities and advise about university life.

Are there laundry facilities in University Housing?

All of our communities are equipped with accessible laundry facilities. The washers and dryers are run by each student's personal laundry card or credit/debit card. These reusable cards will be provided to students at move-in and can be obtained from add/value stations located in each community. The current cost is $1.00 to wash and $1.00 to dry (costs are subject to change.)

What kinds of policies and regulations will I need to follow?

We want our communities to be a place where our residents can grow and develop. There are policies (alcohol, noise, smoking, damage, etc.) for each of our living environments. Policies and regulations are designed to protect the rights of students, encourage responsibility, and be cost effective in order to keep the housing rates as low as possible. Full policy statements are contained in the "University Housing and Food Service License Agreement" and in Living In, the University Housing student handbook, which is given to all students when they move in. 

Are there computer labs in the residence halls and the University Village apartments?

Along with a variety of computing services on campus, there is a computer lab in each community, with a minimum of one PC and laser printer. All of the computers in the labs have a connection to the campus network. For more information consult CSU, Chico ResNet.

What should I bring?

We suggest you bring almost anything that will make you feel at home in your room. You don't need to bring much—see our suggested list.

Will I know who my roommate is before I move to my new home?

The roommate information will be released the week before you move-in in August for the fall semester if your roommate permits UHFS to do so. 

Do you offer tours of the residence halls and University Village apartments?

We will offer tours of Whitney residence hall and University Village after the start of each semester in conjunction with the campus Admissions tour

Where do I pick up my mail?

There are mailboxes in each living community. You will be assigned a mailbox when you move in. There is one mailbox per room, so unless you are living in a single room, the mailbox will be shared with your roommate(s). The mail is delivered to each community, Monday through Saturday, and placed in each mailbox by the mail staff.

How far is University Village located from campus?

University Village is a leisurely (just less than a mile) bike ride or walk from campus. Free bus service to and from campus is available every 30 minutes on academic days from the B-Line, our local public bus system. There is also Campus Connection, a shuttle service provided FREE of charge by the University Police Department to the campus community as an alternative to walking on campus at night. Campus Connection has a stop at University Village to provide our residents a safe way to get home from campus at night.

What to do before I move out?

You are required to return your room to the same condition as you move-in. To avoid damage and cleaning charges, we recommend that you remove all of your belongings, remove trash and clean your room before you check-out. Here are some Move-out Cleaning Tips for you.

What are damage charges and how much are they?

When item(s) in bedrooms and common areas was/were identified with damage(s) and there was no prior record of pre-existing damage recorded at the time you checked into the space – then resident(s) assigned to the room/apartment is/are responsible for the cost of repair/replacement of damaged item(s). You can find more details in the Damage Billing Information page.

How can I contact you?

During the academic year our office hours are Monday–Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. During the summer we are open 7:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m., Monday though Thursday; we are closed on Fridays. If you are in town, please stop by or give us a call at 1-800-730-4243 or 1-530-898-6325. We are also available by email at if you have any questions, concerns, or comments.



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