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Benefits, Leaves of Absence and Workers' Compensation

Year in Review

Key Statistics

This Human Resources Unit supports state employees (faculty, staff, and MPP) with benefits and leaves of absence. This includes helping employees with questions about their benefits, making changes to their benefits packages, and applying for medical leaves. Leave types include Family and Medical Leave, or Maternity/Paternity Leave and the unit provides information about the amount and types of leave for which employees are entitled. The unit also coordinates the Workers’ Compensation process for all employees injured at work (faculty, staff, MPP, and students).The unit managed over 300 leave cases in 2013-14.

The unit sponsors an annual benefits fair each September. With approximately 250 employees in attendance, the fair provides an opportunity for employees to speak directly with CSU benefit plan representatives.

The highly successful Planning Ahead: Retirement Planning Basics – Start Now workshop provided retirement information to interested employees. In addition, this unit meets with employees considering retirement and in 2013-14, processed 88 retirements.

In 2013, the unit began validating the eligibility of all dependents for health and medical plan benefits as requested by CalPERS. The process involved verification of 2086 dependents.

Benefits coordinates the Catastrophic Leave Program, in which employees on leave for catastrophic reasons can have hours donated to them. 2060 hours were donated for 20 employees this year through the generosity of the campus contributors.

Health, Dental, Vision, Life, LTD, HCRA/DCRA, Visions, FlexCash Enrollments and Changes 3,011
Modifications to employees’ health, dental and vision accounts 1,421
COBRA Notices Sent 716
Retirements Processed 88
Retirement Meetings 103
Customer Service Interactions Regarding Benefits 2,108
Benefits Accounts Receivables 243
Leaves of Absence (including Family Medical Leave – FML) and Workers’ Compensation2013/14
Instructions, Notifications, Certifications Sent 501
FML Cases Managed 156
Notices Sent Regarding Leaves of Absence 321
Workers’ Compensation Inquiries/Claims and IDL Management 104
Transitional Employment Program (Back to Work) Management 58
Customer Service Interactions Regarding Leaves of Absence 839
Catastrophic Leave Program2013/14
Employees Requesting Donations 20
# Employees who Donated Hours 117
# of Hours Donated 2,060