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Employment, Classification and Compensation

Year in Review

Key Statistics

The Employment unit assists the University with planning and completing Staff and Management (MPP) recruitments. The unit screens applicants, provides search committees with a qualified applicant pool, assists committee chairs with the recruitment process, checks references, performs background checks, and schedules physical examinations. Upon hire, Employment initiates the onboarding process including eligibility verification and completion of mandated employment documents for faculty, staff, MPP and student employees.

Employee Additions/Changes
Staff (and Managers)2013/2014
Vacancies Filled 198
Applications Received and Screened 3,324

Classification and Compensation

In general, the Classification and Compensation unit partners with colleges, administrative units and managers regarding position description development, updates, and reorganizations. The unit evaluates positions and compensation programs to ensure they are done in a fair, consistent and equitable manner. To enhance the process, an on-line library of position descriptions has been created with more than 500 position descriptions.

Additional responsibilities include in-rage progression and classification reviews, performaing salary equity analyses and conducting salary equity analyes when requested.

Classification/Compensation Activities 2013/2014% Approved$ Awarded
Classification Reviews approved with total annual award 87.1% $126,396
In-Range Progressions approved with total annual award 68.1% $104,907

Consolidation of Services

In order to improve the efficiency and speed of the recruitment process on campus and provide improved customer service, the Employment Services and the Classification and Compensation units merged into one unit. By building and deploying consistent and streamlined processes we have been able to make significant progress in the acceleration of the recruitment process with vancanies being posted and filled in a shorter period of time.

This newly formed unit has had the opportunity to streamline processes, update forms and reduce duplication of effort. For example, Staff Action Forms (SAFs) are now sent directly to Employment where final approval and signatures are obtained from Vice Presidents by sending a complete employment packet for them to review. Vice Presidents are now able to authorize employment via an electronic process which ensures they are aware of employment decisions prior to offers being extended.