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Human Resources Information Systems

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Key Statistics

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Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) provides general campus wide support of Human Resources Common Management System (CMS)/PeopleSoft modules as well as specialized support for the Human Resources Services Center (HRSC).

General campus support includes coordination of CMS/PeopleSoft maintenance and upgrades, such as processing and auditing the mass-change salary increases for various represented employee groups.

HRIS manages user access to PeopleSoft, creates business process guides, provides training, and updates the Human Resources (HR) website which receives over 250,000 hits annually. HRIS provides direct support for payroll processes, report specifications, coordination with technical and functional staff, and communication with users of CMS/PeopleSoft.

The HRIS unit participated in several special projects in 2013-14 to enhance employees’ user experience or to comply with regulations:

  • Created, implemented and delivered voluntary self-identification of disability or veteran status on the employee portal to comply with new regulations.
  • Updated security audit process documentation and completed annual CMS Security Reauthorization
  • Coordinated with Professional Development, EH&S, and IRES to implement the new Development and Training System (DTS)
  • Provided project management including coordination with Classification/Compensation and IRES to develop an online Position Description Library.
  • Completed Phases I and II of system-wide data standardization that is required by the Chancellor’s Office in preparation for the upcoming Common Human Resource System.
Systems Maintenance Packs (MPs)2013/14
MPs tested, applied or validated 19
CMS Training2013/14
# Training sessions 59
# Employees trained 86
Created, updated, converted for HRSC or other campus departments 45
Created special reports/one-time data 11
Created new Videos demonstrating Academic Appointment processing steps 6