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HRSC: Year in Review

Report Contents


Welcome to the Human Resources Service Center’s departmental annual report. This report is designed to track annual (and later, quarterly,) department metrics and work in progress.


Transparency. This report allows the department to share departmental statistics, what we’ve been working on, the issues we’ve worked on over the last year, challenges and successes.


Timeframes vary in this report, depending on when the data is available or prepared for other reports. The source information below each figure explains the timeframe in which the data was collected.

  • Process statistics are generally gathered by fiscal year (FY), July 1 – June 30; or as snapshot data on collected on June 30.

Staffing/Employee Counts, Technical Notes and Glossary

Tables and charts exclude 1) student employees, 2) other intermittent or casual employees, and 3) faculty (including faculty teaching in extension, special sessions and summer sessions). Alternatively, faculty are included in reports published by CSU, Chico Office of Academic Personnel. Employees are included regardless of the source of funds used to pay their salaries.