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Labor Relations and Compliance

Year in Review

Key Statistics

In Employee, Labor Relations, and Compliance, the Human Resources staff wear many “hats.” The unit investigates grievances and complaints filed by staff, management and student employees on a range of topics (e.g., discrimination, harassment and retaliation). In many cases, it mediates disputes towards resolution while they are still informal and works to resolve formal grievances and complaints. (For example, the unit closed 15 of 18 formal complaints this year.) The Unit investigates complaints filed with the Campus Violence Consultation team and works to resolve them (five complaints this year). The Unit also coordinates meet-and-confer sessions with unions and drafts agreements. In addition, it provides assistance to management with personnel issues, drafts corrective actions, Skelly Notices, Discipline Notices, and represents the university at State Personnel Board Meetings.

It is the responsibility of the Unit as part of its compliance activities, to prepare the campus Affirmative Action Plan, the Veterans’ Report and IPEDS. The Unit is also responsible for responding to outside agency complaints filed by faculty, staff, and MPP employees. The Unit monitors unemployment filings of which there were 115 in 2013-14, and represents the university in any disputes about awarding unemployment.

The Unit also works to inform the employees and managers about its services and regularly participates in five regularly occurring committee meetings and taught or co-taught 14 training sessions.

Total Filed 18
Total Closed 15
Other provided services2013/14
Corrective actions/disciplines assisted with 16
Information Requests Responded to 45
State Personnel Board (SPB) Claims 3
Unfair Labor Practice/Amendments Received 9
Performance Evaluation Counseling Sessions 15
Meet and Confer Meetings Held 9
# Special Projects worked on w/Departments and/or Unions 17
# of Committees meet with regularly (generally every other week) 5
# Unemployment Insurance Claims for which Information Was Provided 115
# Training Sessions Taught or Co-Taught 14
Complaints Filed and Investigated under Discrimination/Harassment Policies Received 6
# Complaints Managed/Investigated pursuant to EM 12-025 5
Compliance Reports2013/14
# Managed/Completed (AAP, VETS-100, IPEDS) 3
# Related Compliance updates coordinated 2