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Professional Development coordinates a comprehensive employee training program for the campus that includes supervisory training, management training, compliance training, business processes, and work skills. Professional Development assists with campus communications, web communications, and oversees the employee assistance program, employee fee waivers and tracks designated (Form 700) positions.

The employee assistance program (EAP) is designed to provide professional assistance to state faculty, staff and their families (dependents and permanent household members) in assessing and resolving personal problems that may be affecting well-being or job performance. This year, the LifeMatters Employee Assistance Program by Empathia was implemented. Through this program, employees can access a 24/7 call center, in-person counseling, and work/life services including financial and legal consultation, access to work/life specialists, online education resources, and interactive e-learning modules on health and wellness.

In addition, Professional Development took on several projects this year and was responsible to research and coordinate the transition to SkillSoft for Compliance Training; coordinated with Environmental Health and Safety, Information Resources, and HRIS to implement Learner Web, the University’s new training system; co-led University Staff Development Committee which developed and conducted a Staff and MPP Training Needs Survey.

Conflict of Interest (COI)2013/14
# Changes to the COI Required Training List 155
# Form 700s Collected 455
Fee Waiver2013/14
# Fee Waiver Applications Processed 514
# Taxation Notices Sent 36
Orientation (New Employee)2013/14
# New Staff & MPP at Orientation 132
# Classes Sponsored 26
# Class Sections Taught 31
Total Attendance at Trainings 1015