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Key Statistics

  • Campus Employee Hires/Rehires
  • Separations

Payroll is responsible for requesting and auditing all state paychecks for faculty, staff and students in accordance with State and CSU policies and procedures. Payroll also maintains leave balances. In addition, Payroll took on several special projects this year:

  • Entered and managed salary exceptions and changes in PeopleSoft and the Personnel/Payroll Information Management System (PIMS) that were not done through the mass update process for negotiated and non-negotiated salary increases for most employee units.
  • Completed Phases I and II of system wide data standardization which included data clean up in PeopleSoft and PIMS.
  • A new Payroll Manual was written and posted on-line for use by the campus.
CMS/PeopleSoft Keying Statistics2013/14
Total 13,675
Hires/Rehires 4,470
Separations (includes Retirements) 4,406
Leaves 184
Other (transfers, promotions, suspensions, funding source changes, etc.) 4,616
# PIMS Transactions Keyed2013/14
Total 5,263
Appointments 2,302
Employment History Change 1,362
Separations 1,599