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What does the HRSC do for you?

Year in Review

HRSC Mission

By providing consistent and accurate guidance, HRSC is committed to partnering with the campus community to recruit, retain, and support an inclusive and quality workforce that is invested in the success of our students.

Our Services

The Human Resources Service Center provides a variety of personnel services to the campus community. We support the many employees who often devote much of their career to working at Chico State. Our objective is to support their success and well-being using the variety of tools the CSU has to offer, while creating institutional sustainability.

Our services include: Employment, Benefits & Workers’ Compensation, Payroll, Classification & Compensation, Professional Development, Labor and Employee Relations, HR Information Services, as well as general customer support through our Central Services.

Our Objectives

Hire great employees

The department’s goal is to ensure a highly qualified workforce is recruited and retained. A fair and equitable process is used, and aligns with CSU, state and federal requirements.

Connect employees to benefits

The California State University system offers a pension and benefits package that is hard to beat. We strive to make sure employees are aware of their options and direct them to important information needed for benefit decisions.

Ensure employees get paid on-time

Great care is taken to ensure that each employee’s paycheck is correct. Payroll technicians answer questions and resolve issues that may come up for individual employees.

Provide learning opportunities

We share university expectations through compliance and prevention training and provide professional development to help staff and management gain the skills they need for their current and future positions.

Ensure a fair and equitable work environment

Advice, guidance and complaint resolution is provided for employees and managers, staying within the requirements of the 7 CSU Collective Bargaining Agreements and policies.

Work behind the scenes

We provide support for the CSU’s human resources system. We generate data needed for reports and decision-making.