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Separating Employee Responsibility

  1. The separating employee is responsible for working with the department or dean’s office regarding a written notification of separation including the separation date.

  2. Return the following to the department office (if applicable):

    • Permanent parking decal
    • Cell phone, Smartphone, PDA, or phone card
    • Keys
    • Equipment purchased with professional development funds
    • State property such as laptops and other checked out equipment
    • Department property
    • ID Card (not from student or retiree)
    • Office cleared
    • Signature authority canceled
    • Travel documents completed
    • Return library material to Library

  3. Go over the checkout process outlined in the Separation Clearance Form with your department and sign it.

  4. Visit the Human Resources Service Center front counter in Kendall 220 to ensure your current address is on file for W-2 and warrant purposes.

NOTE:  All secure computer accesses, American Express Government Travel card (green), Procurement VISA (blue), and ID card door access will be canceled appropriately on the last day on campus or separation date.

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