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CalPERS Additional Retirement Service Credit Ends Soon!

Purchase Option Ends 12/31/2012 due to Pension Reform.

For State employees enrolled in CalPERS: effective January 1, 2013, Additional Retirement Service Credit (ARSC) is being eliminated as one of CalPERS' service credit purchase options, due to the Public Employees' Pension Reform Act of 2013. Only ARSC requests received in a CalPERS office on or before December 31, 2012, will be processed.

  • This program allows eligible CalPERS members to purchase up to five years of service credit to be applied towards retirement.
  • Information is available online via CalPERS.
  • You must include output from CalPERS’ Service Credit Cost Estimator , and Additional Retirement Service Credit Request Form (PDF, 123 KB), with your submission.
  • You may fax the appropriate paperwork to CalPERS fax number (916) 795-1224.  If you mail it to the address on the form, you may wish to send it with Return Receipt service.
  • ARSC requests must be received in a CalPERS office on or before December 31, 2012, or they will not be processed.  Postmarks do not count.

Additionally, it is helpful to make create a my|CalPERS account.  Why?

  • The my|CalPERS > Home tab displays your total service credit, total retirement balance, and years to earliest retirement.
  • The my|CalPERS > Retirement > Service Credit Purchase tab tracks any service credit purchase requests CalPERS has received from you.  If you have submitted any service credit purchase requests, it is important to watch this page for confirmation that CalPERS has received your request.  It also outlines the Steps for Service Credit Purchase.
  • The my|CalPERS > Profile tab displays contact information CalPERS has on file for you.

This information is provided by the Human Resources Service Center – Benefits unit,