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Absence Management Self Service (AMSS) Deadline Changes

The deadlines for reporting and approving absences are changing beginning with the January 2013 absence period. Absence reporting will be due the 2nd working day following the close of a pay period. Absence approvals will be due by the 5th working day following the close of a pay period. The reminder emails will include these new due dates.

The purpose and benefit of earlier deadlines:

  • Provides employees, timekeepers and leads/managers access to leave balance information earlier in the month.
  • Allows for follow-up with individuals who have not met the deadline so that the absence calendar can be finalized earlier in the month.
    • Finalizing the absence calendar earlier means:
      • Employee Balance Inquiry displays the "Last Finalized Period" earlier. This means employees have access to the most current balance summary earlier than they have in the past.
      • The "CURRENT - Not Finalized" calendar, displaying current period takes and balances, will be available in the absence details at an earlier time.

The deadlines are posted on the Campus Calendar. The Leaves/Absence Reporting document has also been updated to reflect the change.

AMSS is used to report absences for staff, management, and 12-month faculty (state employees only).  Detailed information about Absence Management Self Service can be found on the AMSS website.  Human Resources Services Center Payroll Technicians are available to help you with any questions or problems.