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Emergency Contact Verification

To: State Employees
Re: Emergency Contact Verification - All State Employees to Verify/Update

Action Requested: View/update your Emergency Contact Information

In preparation for the CSU’s implementation of a Common Human Resources System (CHRS), all campuses are completing mandatory data standardization within PeopleSoft. One of the data standards is Emergency Contact.  All State employees are strongly encouraged to provide an emergency contact.  Your emergency contact can be viewed and updated through HR Self Service.


  1. Review your Emergency Contact Information by logging in to HR Self Service (which displays your employee information) using your portal username and password.
  2. Verify the contact name (LastName, FirstName), address and phone number(s) are correct.
  3. Update as necessary.
    • Detailed instructions are in the Emergency Contact section of the HR Self Service User Guide. If you Edit a contact, be sure to Save the information before exiting.
    • Note: If no emergency contact is provided, per the CSU data standard, it will be noted in the system as “None-Declined to State”.

We will be following up in the near future specifically to individuals who have an Emergency Contact but no address and/or phone number listed for that emergency contact.

Thank you for your time and for helping ensure your emergency contact information is current and accurate.

Need Help?

If you have questions, please first review the HR Self Service User Guide. Any additional questions not covered in the guide or the FAQs can be directed to or by calling (530) 898-6771.