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Saving Made Easy through TSAs

CSU TSA Notice
To: All CSU, Chico State Employees

California State University (CSU) provides eligible state employees with the opportunity to save for your future through the California State University 403(b) Tax Sheltered Annuity (TSA) Program.

The program allows eligible employees to save for retirement by investing monthly via pre-tax contributions to tax-deferred accounts.  You can save for your retirement while reducing your taxable income.  The minimum contribution is only $15 per month, which makes it easy to start investing in your future now.

Why Participate?

The earlier you start, the more you can make “compounding interest” work for you.  Compounding happens over time as your money generates earnings, which are re-invested to generate more earnings.

What's the Process?

The Saving Made Easy brochure guides employees through the 10 easy steps to enroll in a CSU 403(b) plan.  The steps include establishing an account with a CSU fund sponsor(s), selecting investment options via the fund sponsor’s website, and then setting up payroll deductions and tracking your deductions via

The CSU TSA availability notice provides information about eligibility and contribution limits.


Information is also available in the CSU Systemwide Benefits Portal under "Retirement Savings Plans".  Please contact the Human Resources Service Center – Benefits unit,, (530) 898-5436 with questions.