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LGBT Marriage status Updates

To the LGBT community (State employees only):

Action Requested: If you previously registered your same-sex partner as a Registered Domestic Partner and you have married—and that individual is currently enrolled as a dependent on your health benefit plan—notify the Benefits unit.


Consistent with the June 26, 2013, U.S. Supreme Court ruling, Human Resource (HR) Offices can now accept same sex marriage certificates for benefit eligibility and enrollment under the same rules as opposite sex marriages.

Tax Implications

Employees should consult with a tax advisor about filing amended tax returns.

Prior to the Supreme Court ruling the State was obligated to report benefits provided to same sex spouses as income and withhold Federal Income taxes and FICA (social security and Medicare) tax from the employee’s paycheck.  Beginning September 16, 2013, individuals may file amended tax returns and claims for refunds of overpayment of taxes provided the statute of limitations has not already expired. The statute of limitations for filing claims is generally three years from the date when the original return was filed, or two years from the date the tax was paid, whichever is later.

Need Help?

You can contact the Benefits unit via email, phone (530) 898-5436, or in-person at Kendall Hall, Room 220.