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Summer Work Schedule Moves in AMSS

To: State Employees Who Use Absence Management Self Service (AMSS)
Re: Plan for Schedule Moves to Summer Work Schedule

Human Resources Services Center (HRSC) will move all employee standard work schedules to a summer standard work schedule in AMSS.  The move will affect schedules from 6/1/2014 to 8/16/2014 and this will occur on 5/16/2014.

If you are on a non-standard schedule, and managing absences using AMSS, please read this message in its entirety and action will be needed from you by 5/15/2014.

Procedure for Standard Workweek Employees

Employee work schedules are maintained for absence management eligible State employees who are staff, management or 12-month faculty. All schedules currently being utilized must be considered and updated appropriately for summer hours. Please refer to the Campus Summer Work Schedule for 2014.

Human Resources Services Center (HRSC) manages all standard State work schedules. This includes the schedule change from the current standard schedule to the negotiated 4/10 summer standard schedule and back again. This schedule change for all standard schedules will be made on 5/16/2014 to:

  • Move to the negotiated 4/10 summer standard schedule effective 6/1/2014.
  • Return to the non-summer standard schedule effective 8/17/2014.

Entry of planned absences using the negotiated 4/10 summer standard schedule will be possible following this schedule entry.

  • Note: This schedule update will not revise an existing absence entry.
  • Action: If you have already entered an absence for this summer and the wrong number of hours is reflected, you will need to delete the entry and re-enter after this schedule change has occurred.

Please note that this change is only being made for those currently on a standard State work schedule who will move to the negotiated 4/10 summer standard schedule. Please use the schedule matrix as a reference for standard schedules.

Action from Non-Standard Workweek Employees

For those not included in this HRSC standard schedule move, please submit your Notice of Work Schedule form to Payroll, zip 0010, by Thursday, 5/15/2014.

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