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CalPERS Webinar: 2014 Schedule

Do you know more than you did a year ago about planning your eventual retirement?  When the time comes, things will go a lot smoother if you know what to do and when to do it.  CalPERS cost-free online webinars are designed to help you get started. 

View the following webinars live, or find them on their website later as video recording for viewing on demand.

  • Planning Your Retirement
  • Retirement Checklist Webinar
  • Your Retirement Options and Online Application
  • Family Status Changes (New!)
  • Power of Attorney (New!)
  • CalPERS Members: Early Career Basics
Title: CalPERS Webinars
To Register: Go to the CalPERS website > Members (tab) > Member Education (in left navigation) > Upcoming Web Events (registration is free)
Date/Time Various – Check Website for Specific Dates and Times
Place: Online
Moderator: CalPERS representative
Sponsors: CalPERS and the Human Resources Service Center

This information is provided by the Human Resources Service Center – Benefits unit,, (530) 898-5436.  Please contact CalPERS directly with questions regarding the webinar.