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New IRP Request Form

Classification and Compensation (CLCO) in the Human Resource Service Center (HRSC) is pleased to announce a NEW and IMPROVED In-Range Progression (IRP) Request Form now available on our website. Based on campus feedback and in consultation with our union representation, this form has been streamlined to make it easier for staff and managers to complete.  

Changes include:

  • The new form can be used by all represented staff. The prior IRP Request forms were unique to each of the Collective Bargaining Agreements.
  • The new form is on one page with expandable narrative space. We have removed all of the questions pertaining to the IRP request. A written explanation of the reason for an IRP request is all that is necessary.
  • Supporting documents remain optional, but are certainly recommended.

COMING SOON – HRSC will be providing an opportunity for managers to learn about reviewing IRP findings and sharing IRP information with staff. 

The team in Human Resources continues to strive to enhance our processes with the goal of fostering an environment of improved collaboration, consultation, and open communication.

The new IRP form is available on Compenstation Information web page and on our Forms page, under “IRP”.  If you have trouble viewing this dynamic form, view how to save PDFs from a browser or how to change browser settings to open PDFs in Acrobat.