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Inquiry Navigation Tools and other End User Documentation

This page contains training information, inquiry navigation guides, and other end user documentation for Chico's HRIS.

Computer Based Training (CBT) Sessions

Type Last Upd Process Description
Camtasia Logo 02/14/2013 CMS 9.0 HR Navigation & Features - Video
Note: If you click the CBT link above and a blank screen opens, click the refresh button on your browser and your CBT will begin playing.

Inquiry Navigation Where To Go

Type Last Upd Process Description
pdf icon 09/07/2017 CSU ID Search/Personal Org Summary View
pdf icon 09/07/2017 Student Data View
pdf icon 09/07/2017 Department View

Other Training Documentation

Type Last Upd Process Description
Faculty Staff Workforce Admin Inquiry Training Agenda 09/06/2018 FSWA Inquiry Training Agenda
pdf icon 12/29/2015 CMS Field Definitions
pdf icon 09/07/2018 Protecting Confidential Data

BPG Handout from HR Inquiry Training

Type Last Upd Process Description
Position Data 03/27/2018 Position Data (Inquire Only)
pdf icon 12/29/2015 CSU ID Search Quicksteps
Attendance Certification Report 06/13/2016 Attendance Certification Report
Student Employee Data Lookup 05/28/2013 Student Employee Data Lookup