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The Personal Information section can be used to view your Personal Information that is tracked in the CMS HR system. This information for the most part was provided to CSUC during your hire. If you have updated any of your information since your hire, you will see the most current information and have the ability to view your historical data in this section.

Each HR Self Service module has its own home page that displays a high level overview of each module's functionality along with any pertinent notes for our employees.  These modules include:

View Personal Summary

Click on the Personal Information Summary link to view/update your Personal Information.  From the Personal Information page you can view the following:

  • Name
  • Home Address
  • Phone Numbers
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Payroll Designee
  • Chico State ID
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Military Status
  • Highest Education Level
  • Education Summary
  • Ethnicity

Personal Information Summary Details

  • In name Suffix is not used to reflect education level.  Only legal name suffixes are maintained in the suffix field.
  • Personal Information historic data is available as of July, 2002.
  • The highest level degree attained is currently being maintained in the CMS HR system.
  • If multiple degrees exist at the same level, then all would be maintained.
  • Within Personal Information page you can only update Emergency Contacts

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View/Update Emergency Contact Information

To update your Emergency Contact Information

Click View/Update Emergency Contact Information or

From Personal Information Summary page in HR Self Service:  Click the "Change Emergency Contacts" button.

The Emergency Contact page will display your current emergency contact (s) and who you have indicated as your primary contact.

To view the detail information about your contacts

You can click on the “Change Emergency Contact” button and the Emergency Contacts detail page will display. You can verify that this information is current.

To add an additional Emergency Contact

Click the "Add an Emergency Contact‟ button and enter all information, as appropriate.

When entering the Contact Name enter Last Name, First Name as shown in example below:

Contact Name

If the Emergency Contact has the same address/phone number as you, click the "Contact has the same address as the employee‟ check box and/or the “Contact has the same telephone number as the employee” check box and the system will populate the address and phone info for you. Do not override default value of "Home‟ number. If employee‟s home address is not the correct address, uncheck the box and use Edit link to manually enter Emergency Contact address. Enter the phone number in the “Telephone” field.

To edit your existing Emergency Contact Information

Click the "Edit‟ button and update the information, as appropriate.

To delete your existing Emergency Contact Information

Click the "Delete‟ button.

To add an additional phone number for your Emergency Contact (s)

After selecting "Edit", click the "Add a Phone Number‟ button, select the appropriate phone type, and enter the phone number, including area code.  When entering phone numbers enter all digits (including area code) without any punctuation. The system will add in the appropriate hyphens/slashes as shown in examples below.

Appropriate Phone Data entry (no punctuation):
System will convert it to:
phone number without formatting phone number with formatting

Click "Save" button to save your changes.  Click "Return to Emergency Contacts" link to return to Emergency Contacts.

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View Payroll Designee Information

Click View Payroll Designee Information or
From CMS Home page:  Navigate to
Personal Information Navigation

Under Payroll Designee click the "View Payroll Designee Information" button.  The Payroll Designee Information page will display the detail information for your current Payroll Designee.

Verify that this information is current. To add, remove, or change your Payroll Designee, please contact the Human Resources Service Center located in Kendall Hall, room 220, or call 530/898-6771.

Note memo at top of your designee information: Pursuant to Section 12479 of Government Code, I hereby designate the following person who, not withstanding any other provision of law, shall be entitled upon my death to receive all state warrants that would have been payable to me had I survived.

If the Payroll Designee section and Payroll Designee page appear blank, Human Resources does not have a Payroll Designee on file for you. Employees are not required to assign someone as their Payroll Designee. If you would like to add, remove, or change a Payroll Designee please contact the Human Resources Service Center located in Kendall Hall, room 220, or call 530/898-6771. Payroll Designee must be 18 years of age or older and Direct Deposit payments are not subject to the provisions of this designation.

Click the "Return to Personal Information" link at the bottom of the Payroll Designee page to return to the Personal Information page.

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View HR Self Service Change Log

Click View HR Self Service Change Log or
From CMS Home page: Navigate to
Change Log Navigation

The HR Self Service Change Log is a comprehensive 12 month historical view of all changes made through HR Self Service.  Currently the only change that can be made by the employee within HR Self Service is to Emergency Contact Information. All other data, at this time, is view only.  

If the HR Self Service Change Log does not reflect expected changes, go back to the Emergency Contacts page and verify your changes were saved. If they were and the log does not reflect the changes, please contact the Human Resources Service Center, at 530/898-6771 or visit us in Kendall Hall Room 220.

Where to go for additional information

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