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How to log into CMS-HR

Go to the CSUC Portal to access the State Employee portal page.

Log in using your Portal User Name and password. Your Portal ID is your network ID just like you are logging into your computer. If you are unable to log in to your portal account, contact IT Support Services at x4357.

Once you have logged into your portal account, links to the Employee Information information are available on the State Employee portal page. There is a list of links to HR Self Service in the HR Employee Information section of the State Employee portal page. Click on the HR Self Service menu items as needed. The portal will take you directly into CMS. Once in, you can use portal links go to specific locations or use the specific navigation listed throughout this user guide.

When links are clicked the page will open within the same window. If you want the page to open in a new window, right click on the link, left click on "Open in New Window‟. Remember to close all windows when done.

CSUC is using baseline software which is referred to as CMS HR in this document. The Chancellor's Office supports administrative functions with a shared, common suite of Oracle/PeopleSoft applications software. Please refer to the csyou CMS, Website for further information.

If you are not an HR Administrative User, you should have access to only the HR Self Service menu seen on the State Employees Portal page.

Once you are logged into CMS-HR, you will have access to the HR Self Service pages via the HR Self Service Home page. From there, you will be able to access the Personal Information, Benefits Information , Payroll and Compensation Information pages.

Navigation from the your State Employee Portal Page

Absence Management Self Service (AMSS)

Click on bullet links to navigate to specific section in CMS.  The Absence Management Self Service (AMSS) header link will take you to AMSS web page.  Click bullet links under Employee or Manager to navigate to CMS entry.  Note: if you are not a manager you will not have access to Manager sections in CMS. 

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Personal Information

The Personal Information header will take you to Base Navigation Page in CMS under Personal Information.  You will have option to Navigate to Personal Information, Emergency Contacts and HR Self Service Change Logs.  Refer to each individual section for detailed instructions.

Personal Information Menu

You can review your personal data such as Name, Address, Phone Number, Payroll Designee, Education Summary, etc. and review /update your Emergency Contact (s) information through Personal Information Summary.  All employees will be able to access 12 months of their HR Self service changes through HR Self Service Change Log.

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Benefits Information

The Benefits Information header will take you to Base Navigation Page in CMS under Benefits. If you are currently benefit eligible and are enrolled into Medical, Dental, Vision, and/or Life or LTD, you can review your enrollments and access provider websites through Benefits Summary.

Benefits menu

All employees will be able to view their Leave Balances through Leave Balances & Usage.

Payroll & Compensation Information

The Payroll & Compensation Information header will take you to base Navigation Page in CMS under Payroll and Compensation.  All employees will be able to access their paycheck data and compensation history through Payroll and Compensation.

Payroll Menu

Where to go for additional information

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