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Navigating the Human Resources Folder in Insight

Insight is a data access tool for providing reports on Human Resources (HR) data.  Report data is refreshed overnight and will not include any PeopleSoft data keyed on the same day the report is run.  Folder access to specific reports is granted on a business need basis and many are driven by an employee’s Administrative PeopleSoft access.  Open a Team Dynamix ticket for HRIS if you need access to specific Human Resources folders or reports.

Please refer to the Data at Chico State website for more information regarding campus data, reporting systems and other helpful information regarding reporting on campus.

Getting to Insight

Open an internet browser and navigate to Insight Reports

Enter your user name and password. This will be your campus credentials.

log in screen picture


All HR reports are in folders directly under Human Resources.  The number of folders available to you will depend on your access.

picture of insight contents

Selecting Report Criteria

Each report will give you the opportunity to enter some criteria to narrow your search results.  Use the drop down arrows to select or type in the detail requested.

Criteria screen shot

There are Business Process Guides available for many of these reports.  Contact HRIS or view the documents via the campus WIKI.  More information can be found on the Reports of Interest for Administrative Support website as well.


This tool does not calculate the number of pages until you navigate to the last page. To view the total number of pages, click to last page using either to advance one page at a time or ▶❙ to jump to the last page.

navigation windows showing how the system does not calculate the last page until the user navigates to the last page

To export, click the disk icon and select Excel or the desired output type. Note that many reports are designed to export to Excel.

click the disk icon and select Excel or other desired output from the list

Need Help?

If you need help with report access, creation and modification requests for CRA, Insight and other data reports and applications, please open a Team Dynamix Ticket and we will contact you.

You can also send an email to for general information regarding Human Resources Data and reporting.