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General Information

In this section you will find information that pertains to anyone reporting to the payroll office.  It will review roles of each department/college, terminology, training opportunities and other important information.

HR Liaison Meetings

Payroll has scheduled bi-monthly meetings to distribute important information for department/college Master and Student Attendance Clerks.  Items discussed generally include:

  • Important deadline dates
  • Special pay period processing dates
  • New payroll and Human Resources processes
  • Special guest speakers and other reminders

Payroll maintains an Outlook distribution list for all Master and Student Attendance Clerks.  E-mail reminders will be sent to this group regarding scheduled meetings and agendas. Master and Student Attendance Clerks are encouraged to attend these informational meetings regularly.  If your department/college is unable to attend a meeting or to review all agenda items discussed the HR Liaison Meeting Minutes are available for your review.

Campus (Event) Calendar

Please refer to the Campus (Event) Calendar which has been filtered for pertinent information regarding Payroll and Benefits.  This reflects due dates for Staff/Faculty documents, Student Payroll processing, HR trainings, pay dates, etc.  This calendar can be viewed months in advance which can assist in scheduling vacations and making sure a back-up is in place for all required processing.  In addition, our office suggests the use of Outlook reminders and calendar options to ensure the deadlines reflected here are met.

Pay Periods

CSU, Chico follows the State of California standard pay periods.  Each fiscal year, the Office of Academic Personnel prepares and posts the current Faculty and Staff Calendar that reflects each pay period, beginning and end dates, holidays, faculty workdays, and campus closures.

If you have any questions regarding pay periods, please contact your Payroll Technician.

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Paychecks and Direct Deposit

There are different types of pay at CSU, Chico:

  • Master Pay for salaried Staff and Faculty
  • Hourly/Intermittent Pay for Staff and Students
  • Miscellaneous Pay for Staff and Faculty
    • Includes: stipends, special consultant pay, overtime or shift

Master Pay: Released to the departments/colleges on the date noted on the Campus (Event) Calendar; generally the department/college authorized Warrant Pick Up Employee will pick up warrants and Direct Deposit Advice slips on the day noted as “’Paper’ Warrant/Paycheck Payday for Salaried Employees”.   Usually this is the last workday of a state pay period unless there is a campus closure.

Employees enrolled in the Direct Deposit program will receive their Direct Deposit Advice on the same date as the Master Pay, but that money is not guaranteed to be deposited into their bank accounts until the date noted on the Campus (Event) Calendar as “Direct Deposit Posting Day for Salaried Employees”.  More information about the Direct Deposit Program can be found on Payroll’s Paycheck and Direct Deposit web page.

Hourly/Intermittent & Student Pay Day: Released on the 10th of the following month (for example, pay for April is released on May 10th).  If the 10th falls on a Saturday, pay will be released on the Friday before.  If the 10th is a Sunday, pay will be released on the Monday after.  Please refer to Campus (Event) Calendar for the exact date.

Miscellaneous Payments: If one of your employees is scheduled to receive miscellaneous pay (special consultant, shift, stipend, overtime, retroactive adjustments, etc…) the Payroll department processes these as received.  Typically payments could be on campus or in the employees account within five to ten business days of receipt of request in Payroll.  The employee should contact the Student Financial Services Office (SSC 230) or check with their financial institution, if on Direct Deposit, to verify payment.  If, after a reasonable amount of time, the pay has not been received, please contact the appropriate Payroll Technician for more information

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Signature Authorization for Payroll Documents

There are several Payroll processes that require signatures of responsible authorities within each department/college.  The State Controller’s Office (SCO) requires that Payroll tracks and monitors these Signatory Authorities and performs an annual audit of these records.  In order for Payroll to verify that the correct responsible parties are processing and signing these documents we have initiated a process for you to report who those responsible parties are.  We maintain a database with this information specific to the SCO Unit/DeptID.  For each role there should be a Primary and Alternate person noted.

The signatory responsibilities that are tracked are:

  • Certifier
  • Master Payroll Attendance Clerk
  • Student Payroll Attendance Clerk
  • Warrant Pick-Up Employee

Please refer to Signatory Responsibilities & Form Information for detailed information on each role.

Each department/college is required to notify Payroll when there is a change in these responsibilities.   When a change of personnel in your department requires a change to these responsible parties, please contact HR Security to request the necessary paperwork to make the changes.  Each department/college will be contacted annually to reauthorize these responsibilities.

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Reports-To Process

PeopleSoft maintains reporting relationships based on position. One CMS Position # reports to another CMS Position #.  The reporting relationship for each employee needs to be maintained in PeopleSoft to allow for approval of time worked and absences via electronic workflow.  In addition, having the employee supervisors identified in the campus system of record enables Human Resources to provide required training to the appropriate individuals and offer resources and other trainings to those who need them. This functionality is also used each year to review and approve access to campus systems such as PeopleSoft Administrative Access, Insight Reporting, CRA and Data Warehouse.

Each area on campus appoints one person to maintain this “Reports-To” data for Staff and Faculty employees and area Student Payroll Attendance Clerks maintain the data for students.  Business Processing Guides have been created for each group of employees.

  • Student Payroll Attendance Clerks can find their document on the Student Payroll website.
  • Staff and Faculty, please contact HR Security for documentation if you feel you should have the role of Reports-To-Maintainer for Staff and Faculty.

If you are the Staff/Faculty "Reports-To-Maintainer" in your department you will get access to the Insight > Reports-To-Maintainer folder which has several reports available for reviewing this information as well. Quickstep guides described below are available for your review.

Reports-To Blank or Vacant – For identifying staff, faculty, and management employees that have blank 'Reports-To' values.

Reports-To Changes – Allows users to get a view of all changes that were made to employees’ ‘Reports-To’ in their specific area.

Reports-To Inappropriate – A listing of employees with a ‘Reports-To’ that may not be correct.

Reports-To Listing – A listing of all employees and their direct ‘Reports-To’.

For each report you will enter the parameters requested and click “View Report”.  You can see more information regarding Insight reporting on our Navigating the Human Resources Folder in Insight page.

If you are the Staff/Faculty “Reports-To Maintainer” in your department you will get access to the Insight > CMS-PeopleSoft Access folder which has two reports available for the Annual Reauthorization of roles process.

AAS Reauthorization Status Report – Allows you to monitor the progress and facilitate the completion of the annual reauthorization process for your respective units.

CMS Security Access Listing – A listing of CMS security roles assigned to individuals in selected departments.

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Chico State ID # - A unique, nine digit identification number assigned to every employee/student in Oracle/PeopleSoft.

CMS Position # - A unique, eight digit, number that ties the State Controller’s Office Unit #, DeptID, Reports To and Job Code together and drives the budget information for each specific position.  Use the Position Management Guide to aid you in finding appropriate CMS Position #’s for your department.  If you need further assistance please contact University Budget Office.

Job Code - A four digit classification code that identifies the type of work an employee is appointed to do.  Ex: 1035 for the ASC 12 month, or 1032 for the ASA.   If you have questions regarding how to choose the appropriate Job Code, please contact the appropriate office below:

DeptID - Number that identifies each specific department/college, starts with a D followed by 5 digits (D#####)

SCO Unit # - Three digit number that directly corresponds to each DeptID.

Appointment End Dates - Date specified by the hiring department/college that estimates when a temporary employee will complete their assignment in the department/college.   If employment will go beyond this date, further action is needed.  Contact the appropriate area listed below for specific questions:

Acronyms and/or Abbreviations


Academic Appointment Form


Absence Activity Report


Academic Change Form


Attendance Certification Report


Attendance Certification Statement


Academic Year


Collective Bargaining Agreement


Common Management System (AKA Oracle/PeopleSoft)


Compensatory Time Off


Department Identification number


Human Resources Information Systems


Human Resources Service Center




Instructional Student Assistant


Information Technology Support Services


Non-Resident Alien


Personal Holiday




Staff Action Form


State Controller’s Office


Student Employment Authorization


In Person Training sessions available and required prior to access are listed below with more detail on the PeopleSoft HR Security & Training site:

  • HRSC – CMS-HR: Faculty and Staff Workforce Administration - Inquire Training
  • HRSC – CMS-HR: Unit 3 and Unit 11 Contract Generation
  • HRSC – CMS-HR: Time and Labor - Student Payroll

Additional Information is available through WIKI for those that do Unit 3 and Unit 11 processing: You will have to log in using your portal to access these trainings and other helpful information. If you have questions regarding Unit 3 or Unit 11 Contract Generation or viewing access to the WIKI contact HR Security.

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