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Employee Eligibility


In general, the following CSU employees are eligible for fee waiver:

  • All full-time or part-time permanent staff and Confidential employees
  • All full-time probationary staff
  • All full-time Management Personnel Plan employees
  • Some full-time temporary employees
  • Tenured faculty, tenure-track faculty and faculty with minimum 3-year appointment

Eligibility by CSU Employee Category

Employee CategoryEligibility Criteria
Unit 1 (Physicians) All unit members
Units 2, 5, 7, 9, (CSUEU)
Unit 4 (Academic Professionals)
Unit 6 (Skilled Trades)
Unit 10 (IUOE)
Full-time employees (i.e., permanent, temporary, & probationary) and part-time permanent employees
Unit 3 (Faculty) Tenured* and probationary faculty unit employees (excluding coaches), and temporary faculty unit employees with three (3) year appointments pursuant to Article 12 of the CBA.  Coaches must have at least six (6) years of consecutive years of service in the department.***
Unit 8 (Public Safety)
C99 (Confidential)**
E99 (Excluded)**
M98 (Executive)
Full-time or part-time permanent** employees, and full-time probationary employees (no temporary)
M80 (MPP) Full-time employees (includes temporary)

* FERP employees are considered tenured faculty and are eligible for fee waiver only during the semesters/quarters when they are actively employed.
** C99 and E99 employees only attain permanent status in part-time positions as a result of completing a probationary period in a full-time position and, subsequently, reducing their time-base.
*** See reference to CSU Tech Letter dated 12/4/2012
Note: Please check CBAs for provisions concerning the appointment of part-time, permanent employees.


  • Unit 11 (UAW) employees are not eligible for the CSU Employee Fee Waiver program.

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Release Time

The appropriate administrator may authorize the use of State time for all units, except Unit 8, for one (1) class depending on the needs of the department.

  • Depending on details within each CBA, the appropriate administrator shall grant the employee reasonable release time for one (1) on-campus course per term if 1) the course is job-related or part of an approved Career Development Plan, AND 2) the operational needs of the department are met.
    • If an appropriate administrator does not approve release time from work for one (1) course, the appropriate administrator and employee may agree that the employee can opt to use his or her lunch hour (not to exceed 60 minutes) to attend class.
    • If release time has been approved from work for one (1) course, and the employee wishes to take a second course during the work day (using the fee waiver program), the following options exist:
      • The appropriate administrator can deny the second course based on the CBA and operational needs.
      • The appropriate administrator and employee may agree that the employee can opt to use his or her lunch hour (not to exceed 60 minutes) to attend class.
    • Employees cannot attach their 15-minute breaks to their lunch to have an extended lunch period in order to attend class.
  • Employees may have to take fee waiver classes on their own time.
  • Participants in Unit 8 (SUPA) may not take classes on State time.

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Unit Limitation for Fees Waived

The fee waiver covers a maximum of two (2) courses or six (6) units, whichever is greater, per term.

If you are on an approved Leave of Absence, you may enroll in more than two courses or six units through the Fee Waiver Program, depending on the percentage of leave time taken.  The State University Fee may be waived up to 6 units (or 2 courses) per term, along with other campus fees, and the employee pays the tuition balance.

  • Leave is full-time: No limit to amount of units
  • Leave is between three-quarters and full-time: 15 units
  • Leave is between half-time and three-quarter time: 12 units
  • Leave is between one-quarter and one-half time: 9 units

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Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) Information

Unit: 1 (Physicians)
Article No.: 23
Sub-Title: Professional Development
Article 23 web link
Unit: 2, 5, 7, & 9 (CSUEU)
Article No.: 22
Sub-Title: Professional Development
Article 22 web link
Unit: 3 (Faculty)
Article No.: 26
Sub-Title: Fee Waiver
Article 26 web link
Unit: 4 (Academic Professionals)
Article No.: 16
Sub-Title: Professional Development
Article 16 web link
Unit: 6 (SETC - Skilled Trades)
Article No.: 27
Sub-Title: Training & Development
Article 27 web link
Unit: 8 (SUPA - Public Safety)
Article No.: 20
Sub-Title: Employee Education
Article 20 web link
Unit: 10 (IUOE)
Article No.: 28
Sub-Title: Training & Development
Article 28 web link
Unit: Confidential
Polices and Programs web link
Unit: MPP
Polices and Programs web link

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Related CSU Information (Executive Orders and Technical Letters)

CSU Employee Fee Waiver and Reduction Program

See CSU Fee Waiver Technical Letters and CSU Budget Office.

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