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How will I be admitted to the University?

Use the following matrix to figure out if you are admitted to the university as a Transitory student or a Matriculated student:

Option Student Is Admitted to University As 
Job-Related Coursework Employee Transitory Student
Career Advancement Option Employee Transitory Student
Career Development Option Employee Matriculated Students
Dependent (or Transfer of Fee Waiver Benefit) Option Dependent (qualifying spouse, domestic partner or a dependent child) Matriculated Student

How a student is admitted drives the registration process for classes. See below.

How and when do I register for classes?

Transitory Students


Transitory students submit a Job-Related/Career Advancement admissions application form as part of their fee waiver application packet that goes to Human Resources each term.  This information is forwarded to the appropriated admissions office for processing. 

Once admitted, the employee will receive a letter or email (from Undergraduate Admissions or Graduate Studies) confirming acceptance as a student.  This is an invitation to enroll in courses.

We highly recommend that transitory students prepay their fees prior to enrolling -- before the Registration Fee Payment Deadline.  (Note: the balance is not listed on the student portal account because the student is not yet enrolled.  If the student already has a "student" tab in their portal, they can click payment on account and manually enter the dollar amount to pay.  Or a student can use another payment method.) 

Matriculated Students

  • Career Development Option
    • First-time students: The appropriate admissions office will open a registration period that allows the employee to enroll in courses as a matriculated student (after the fee waiver application form has been processed, approved, and a copy forwarded to Undergraduate Admissions or Graduate Studies).
      • If admitted, the employee will receive a letter or email (from Undergraduate Admissions or Graduate Studies) confirming the employee has been accepted as a student.  This is the employee's invitation to enroll in courses.
    • Continuing students: the employee simply enrolls in courses during the registration period assigned to them.
    • Undergraduate students: eligible applicants may be admitted to the University outside normal application periods.
    • Graduate students: applicants must be admitted by Graduate Studies through the normal admissions process and application periods.
  • Dependent (or Transfer of Fee Waiver Benefit) Option
    • First-time students: apply for university admissions via
    • Continuing students: enroll in state-funded courses during their given enrollment period.

When do I register for classes?

Before trying to register for classes, please prepay estimated fees.  As noted above, the appropriate admissions office will send you an email notifying you of your registration period.

  • You should receive an email from the Registrar about one week prior to your Enrollment Appointment, notifying you that it has been set.  You may go to your Portal ('Student' tab) to confirm the date and specific time you can begin enrolling in classes.
  • The email may provide you access to priority registration by appointment, typically during the Priority Registration period for New Students (even if you are not a new student).  To view these dates, go to the Class Schedule web page, find "Important Dates & Deadlines" and click the 2012/2013 (PDF) link next to it. Look for the appropriate semester, find Priority Registration, New Students and review the related dates.  Employees on the fee waiver program are not typically given continuing student priority registration, as that is provided first to fee-paying students.
  • If you do not receive an email prior to the fee payment deadline, you can enroll during the semester's open registration Add/Drop Period.

What if my class is closed?

I tried to register for the course I submitted, but my course is closed.  What are my options?

  • Like other students, you can go to the class, speak to the instructor, and try to add the course after the semester begins.
  • You can add a different section of the course.  Notify with the section, days and times of the new section.  If it changes your release time request, you may be asked to submit a new Fee Waiver Application for Employees. Check the "This is a request to change courses already submitted" box in the Request for Waived Fees section.
  • You can add a different course, if it is on your Career Development Plan, and you must submit a new Fee Waiver Application for Employees.  Check the "This is a request to change courses already submitted" box in the Request for Waived Fees section.

Late Registration / Enrolling in Courses After the Fee Deadline

Sometimes a student will need to register for courses after the Registration Fee Payment Deadline.  If Admissions is allowing the student to register during the Registration Add/Drop Period, the student will need to prepay their fees prior to enrolling. (Note: the balance is not listed on the student portal account because they are not yet enrolled.  The fees may include a $25 late registration fee.) 

  • Process
    1. Contact Student Financial Services to find out what your estimated fees will be once your are enrolled and the fee waiver applied.
    2. Pay the estimated fees.
    3. Ask the cashier to check if there is a hold that can now be removed.

For information on payment methods or estimated fee balances, please contact Student Financial Services at 530-898-5936.

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