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Outside Employment Policy for MPP

Outside Employment Disclosure Requirements for MPP and Executive Employees

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Procedure for implementing a CSU policy requiring MPP and executive employees to provide written disclosure statements of all outside employment endeavors.

Statement of Policy

Consistent with Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations and HR 2013-11, all full-time management and executive employees are required to disclose outside employment for the purposes of identification and to preclude any conflict of commitment.


Outside Employment: Any employment not compensated through the CSU payroll, CSU foundation and/or CSU auxiliary employment. Work for the Research Foundation and Associated Students is considered Additional Employment and counts toward the maximum allowable employment for CSU. Volunteer work does not apply to this policy.


  1. MPP and Executive employees are expected to report any and all outside work for which the employees are being compensated within thirty calendar (30) days of taking outside employment.
  2. Requests for written disclosure may be made when the appropriate administrator deems it necessary to ascertain that the employee’s outside employment does not conflict with normal work assignments or satisfactory performance.
    1. If disclosure is requested by an appropriate administrator, the employee must provide the information to the administrator within ten calendar (10) days.
  3. Written disclosure shall be made on the Disclosure and Acknowledgement Form.
  4. The Disclosure and Acknowledgement Form is to be prepared by the employee, reviewed and signed by the employee’s administrator.
  5. The completed and signed Disclosure and Acknowledgement Form is to be sent to the Human Resources Service Center.
  6. The Human Resources Service Center will retain all forms in accordance with the CSU’s Records Retention Policy.
  7. The Human Resources Service Center will send a reminder to all MPP and Executive employees in February of each year.
  8. The Human Resources Service Center will provide all new MPP and Executive employees a copy of this policy as part of their new employee paperwork.