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How to Get Access to Campus Services

Human Resources Service Center is the critical step in the process of granting access to services on campus for employees and other non-student affiliations. This page is designed to explain the various campus affiliations managed by Human Resources Service Center and the steps needed to facilitate the appropriate affiliation association within our system of record (CMSHR/PeopleSoft). An affiliation is a relationship with the university. The affiliations listed below can only receive access to campus services when an active record exists in the system of record or access has been approved by Human Resources Service Center (HRSC).

The table below categorizes the affiliations, identifies the process owner, and provides links to additional information to include process steps and/or forms needed to request that a record be created in the system that would allow for access to services:

Affiliation CategoryAffiliationProcess OwnerAdditional Information
State Employee Faculty Hiring Department

Hire and Access Hire Process

Manager Checklist

Staff and Management
Student Employees Student Employee Hire Process Steps
Other Affiliations Volunteer, Volunteer Faculty Department of volunteer Volunteer Employee Instructions
Foundation Employee Foundation HR
Associated Students Employee Associated Students HR
RCE Employee Regional & Continuing Education
Consultant Department of Consultant Send email to requesting a POI record
Emeritus Faculty Retired Faculty Department Emeritus and Emerita Status
Visiting Scholar Office of International Education Resources for J Visiting Scholars, Department & Faculty
American Language/Culture Inst RCE International Program
Korean Institute Office of International Education
Patrons of the Library Meriam Library
Retired Faculty HRSC/Benefits
Retired Staff HRSC/Benefits
Upward Bound Upward Bound