Trinity 100/126, Thursdays 4-5:30 pm and Fridays 3-5 pm unless otherwise noted 

Director: Sarah Pike
Phone: 530-898-6341


* The Humanities Center’s theme for this year is “Food and Culture.”

Sep. 16The Game and the Business: Four Films About Baseball

4 pm in Trinity 126

Professor Dennis Rothermel (Philosophy) will discuss the conventional Hollywood narrative of professional sports and how it is developed and subverted in “Bang the Drum Slowly,” “The Natural,” “Eight Men Out,” and “Moneyball.”

Oct. 15“Playing/Players/Plays.” Bill Johnson and Cynthia Lammel

5 pm in Trinity 126

(Music and Theater) will explore the instinctive human need to play, pretend, and story-tell, and the expert uses theatre practitioners make of it to create their work.

Oct. 30Play as an Objective Value

3 pm in Trinity 126

Professor Marcel Daguerre (Philosophy) will consider whether the value of play can be considered an objective value in the context of human life.