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North State Aging Scholarship

The Interdisciplinary nature of ICOA is sure to serve the University and North State community well. Coordination of research, teaching and service activities related to aging issues is long overdue. The passion and commitment of ICOA board members to serve seniors and include students in all the aspects of the Center inspired Dr. Michelle Morris to establish a scholarship for a student studying aging issues, with preference given to a first-generation college student such as herself. Throughout her education, Dr. Morris had many teachers, advisors, and mentors who were generous with their time, money, and expertise, all of which contributed to her success and allowed her to be in a position to assist others.

Eligibility Criteria: Recipient much be pursuing a major in the School of Social work; must be involved with the Interdisciplinary Center on Aging; strong preference for first-generation college students or traditionally underrepresented student.

Donor(s): Michelle and Christopher Morris

Scholarship Amount: $500

Deadline to apply for this scholarship: 15th December 2012

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 If you are looking to get involved in the CSU, Chico Interdisciplinary Center on Aging (ICOA), please contact Dr. Seema Sehrawat at 530-898-3113 or email:

Paul Martinsen Memorial Scholarship

Paul Martinsen was Director of Passages from 1980 until his death in May, 1995. He died of Cancer at the age of 42. Paul had a Master's Degree in Social Work and spent his entire professional career in services for seniors (60+ years of age). His passion was reading. The Scholarship is intended as a tribute to his chosen field and his love of books.

Award Criteria: This is an annual scholarship that alternates between the School of Social Work and the Department of Health and Community Services. The scholarship is not awarded to a student for more than one academic year. To be eligible you must be a junior or senior who is enrolled full time with a GPA of 3.0 and demonstrate a financial need. The award amount is $500.00. Additionally, award is to be used for purchase of books.

Hartford Partnership Program In Aging Education (HPPAE): Excellence in Serving Older Adults

The School of Social Work is honored to have been awarded the John A. Hartford Foundation Partnership Program in Aging Education (HPPAE) grant for 2006-2009. This grant was administered by the New York Academy of Medicine. Since 2009, the CSU, Chico HPPAE has been self-sustaining through partnership with the MH Stipend program, community agencies, and the Soroptimists International of Chico Aging and Gerontology Education (A.G.E.) Award.Through the HPPAE program, Concentration year students in the Master of Social Work program at CSU, Chico participate in a year-long training in gerontology that centers on a rotation model for internships. Rotations are tailored to the needs of the students and the community, and expose students to up to four agencies and/or internal programs within the year. In addition, students attend three specialized workshops per semester relevant to providing service to our rapidly growing population of older adults. The rotations and workshops provide students exposure to the challenges affecting social work with older adults ranging from legal, mental health, planning and advocacy, policy, wellness, and health promotion. Please refer to the School of Social Work Website, Working with Older Adults, for further information on the program, including the stipend and application process.